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Our Focus on Sustainable Packaging 💚

From sustainable packaging for clothing to eco friendly packaging materials, your boxes can make a positive impact on the environment while delivering a beautiful unboxing experience. No matter what industry you're in, put your brand's green foot forward by switching to recyclable packaging.

Tree planting to offset production

Help us contribute to the reforestation of our planet with your packaging orders. For every 200 boxes you order with PackMojo, we'll plant 1 tree and gift it to you! We've partnered with EcoMatcher, a transparent tree-planting company that works with vetted foundations around the world to support smallholder farmers.

Feel free to tell your customers how your packaging has contributed to new trees being planted! Whether on social media or directly printed on your packaging, your customers will be happy to know they're working with an eco conscious brand like yours.

Trees Planted
PackMojo Tree Planting Sustainable Packaging

Paper and Cardboard Packaging

The easiest way to make sure your packaging boxes are minimizing damage to the planet is to opt for sustainable packaging materials.

All of our materials are paper and cardboard based, and we don't produce any plastic packaging. Our materials are made from a minimum of 50% post-consumer content, while we provide aqueous finish options (e.g. matte varnish) in place of standard plastic laminates. We also offer a selected range of packaging products which are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) - a global leader in sustainable forest management. Our FSC license code is FSC™-C198591.

We recognize that packaging makes up a significant portion of what is delivered to landfills each year. That's why we only produce eco friendly packaging materials as they are renewable and biodegradable.

Looking for the best way to recycle your packaging material?

Chezza Custom Kraft Folding Carton Box with Window

Packaging Printed with Soy Ink

All of our ink is soy-based, which is environmentally friendly and used to produce much brighter and vibrant colors.

Soy-based ink is produced from soybean oil, mixed with natural resins and waxes. Not only is it non-toxic and easier to recycle, it's also more cost effective than traditional petroleum ink.

BEAMS Coffee Custom Packaging Box for Coffee Pods

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your packaging 100% recyclable?

By using eco friendly packaging materials and avoiding the use of any kind of lamination makes our boxes 100% recyclable. However, rigid boxes require the use of lamination (thin layer of plastic). Though laminated products can be sent to recycling centers, only the paper fibers from these products will be fully recycled while the plastic from lamination is considered a waste product. Read more here.

Is my packaging biodegradable or compostable?

All of our packaging is paper based. Our boxes are made of at least 50% post-consumer content and the standard finish we use is a varnish, which makes the packaging biodegradable. Smaller mailer boxes and folding cartons without lamination or add ons (spot UV, foil stamping, etc) can be home composted as well.

How do I get more information about my trees?

After your order has been delivered to you, you'll receive an email with a link to track your tree(s). Simply click on the link to see type of tree, who has planted it, and more!

How is soy-based ink different from regular ink?

Soy-based ink, as the name suggests, is made of soybeans. The resins and waxes used are also natural additives making the ink extremely eco-friendly and biodegradable. Ink is considered soy-based if at least 6-40% of the ink consists of soy. Petroleum-based ink, on the other hand, is made of crude oil. This type of ink is toxic, flammable, and emits volatile organic compounds when it dries.

What is post-consumer content?

Post-consumer content or post-consumer recycled content is all the waste and materials left over once it's been used by the end consumer. These materials are taken from landfills and can be used in the production of other packaging.

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