PackMojo Custom Packaging


Eco-friendly packaging materials, inks, and practices.

Tree Planting

For every 200 boxes that we produce, we'll plant 1 tree and gift it to you!

We've partnered with EcoMatcher to make this a reality. Through their platform, you can see the precise location of your tree, the farmer who is taking care of your tree, and much more.

Tip: Put the QR code of your tree on your packaging so your customers can see how your business is being sustainable by planting trees!

EcoMatcher Tree Planting

Paper and Cardboard Packaging

All of our materials are paper and cardboard based, and we don't produce any plastic packaging. Our materials are made from at least 50% post-consumer content, and our standard finish for our packaging is matte varnish, which doesn't contain any plastic like standard matte lamination does.

We recognize that packaging makes up a signifcant portion of what is delivered to landfills each year. That's why we only produce paper or cardboard based packaging as they are renewable and biodegradable.

Soy-based Ink

All of our ink is soy-based, which is environmentally friendly and used to produce much brighter and vibrant colors.

Soy-based ink is produced from soybean oil, mixed with natural resins and waxes. Not only is it non-toxic and easier to recycle, it's also more cost effective than traditional petroleum ink.