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Kraft packaging is an eco-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on durability. Its rustic charm adds to the aesthetic appeal of the packaged product. If you're looking for customizable kraft boxes, you're in the right place. This page will give you an overview on PackMojo's custom kraft packaging & kraft paper box alternatives. We've also answered some top level FAQ's, and if you're looking for an in-depth article, we wrote this kraft paper guide.

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What does kraft mean in paper & why is brown paper called kraft?

Kraft paper or simply "kraft", is brown paper or paperboard created during the chemical conversion process when wood is converted into wood pulp. The process was pioneered by Carl F. Dahl of Germany in the 1880s. "Kraft" is a German word, which means 'strength,' and by extension now also refers to the brown and sturdy paper we know today.

What is the difference between kraft paper and normal paper?

Kraft paper is stronger, due to its reduced lignin content and high sulfur ratio. It also doesn't involve bleaching (like white paper), which makes kraft paper more eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable when uncoated with finishes. Regular white paper is slightly less sturdy and requires additional processes to manufacture, although yields a better outcome for printing vibrant colors.

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Where is kraft paper used?

Kraft paper is the strongest of the standard packaging papers and is used when significant strength is required, such as in industrial bags, shopping bags, or wrapping paper. Kraft fibers are also used to produce liners of corrugated boards.

Is kraft paper good for packaging?

Being durable, kraft paper is a great addition to your packaging supplies, but it's also great at wrapping products to protect them.

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Use kraft paper to give your packaging a rustic and eco-friendly feel.

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Kraft mailer boxes are sturdy and are a perfect solution for keeping products protected when shipped.

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Use kraft folding carton boxes to package small and lightweight items that are also perfect for retail shelves.

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Tray and sleeve boxes give customers a unique slide-to-reveal unboxing experience and are perfect for packaging consumer goods.

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Is kraft paper safe for food?

Kraft paper can be considered food-grade packaging, as these materials are made from either wood pulp or through the processing of agro-based materials that has no risk of contamination. However, keep in mind that food-grade packaging isn't just about the material, but also the finishes applied to the material and the facilities in which the packaging has been produced.

Is butcher paper the same as kraft paper or parchment paper?

Both kraft and butcher paper start with the same raw materials, meaning kraft paper actually shares the same pulp base as butcher paper. Butcher paper is effectively thick kraft paper that works well wrapped around raw meat. Parchment paper, on the other hand, has a non-stick coating which is suitable for baked goods.

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What is the GSM of kraft paper?

Kraft paper’s GSM (Grams per Square Meter) varies between 100gsm-500gsm. Kraft paper used for the outer layer on rigid boxes are around 120gsm, while kraft paper for folding cartons or display boxes can range from 300-400gsm. Take a look at some different GSM options for packaging here.

Is brown paper the same as kraft paper? Does paper color matter?

This would depend on the manufacturer, as some do offer different paper color materials to choose from. At PackMojo, we offer white paper and brown kraft paper as the base material for packaging. All colors would be printed on either a white or brown base, with colors printed on kraft paper typically looking duller.

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