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Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes, also known as gift boxes, are made with very sturdy cardboard and are primarily used for premium or luxury products. Common examples of rigid boxes include iPhone boxes or boxes for board games. There are a number of rigid box types, the most common one being a rigid box with a separate lid and base. With full print customization, you also add hot stamping or embossing to further elevate the value of your products.

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes
Shape & Size

Can be any custom shape and size. Most common ones are square and rectangular.


MOQ starting from 300 units depending on complexity.


Standard finishes include matte lamination.


Foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, soft touch and more.

Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Premium packaging made with high quality materials.

  • Bareaya Custom Rigid Box Kraft Full Cover
    2 Piece Full Cover Rigid Box

    This is a custom kraft rigid box with a separate lid and base, where the lid covers the base entirely when the box is closed.

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  • Poetry Designs Custom Rigid Box for Jewellery
    2 Piece Partial Cover Rigid Box

    This is a custom rigid box for jewelery where the lid partialy covers the base when the box is closed.

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  • GratiTea Custom Rigid Box Foldable Partial Cover
    2 Piece Partial Cover Foldable Rigid Box

    This is a custom printed rigid box that is folded into a box. This rigid boxes uses thinner paperboard and isn't as strong as a standard rigid box, but is still premium and very sturdy.

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  • Custom Rigid Box with Magnet Closure
    1 Piece Rigid Box with Magnetic Closure

    This rigid box uses magnets at the front to ensure the box is securely closed.

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How to Fold a Foldable Rigid Box

Want the premium feel of a rigid box with a smaller budget? Foldable rigid boxes, with the use of different materials, provide the sturdiness and are delivered to you flattened. The benefit? You save on shipping fees and storage space. Watch this video to see how to assemble a foldable rigid box.

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