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Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes

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Rigid boxes, also known as custom gift boxes, are perfect for high end or luxury products. These boxes are made with thick paperboard and can either be rigid or collapsible. Choose from two piece rigid boxes with a separate lid and base, or opt for a one-piece magnetic rigid box.

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Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Luxury Boxes at Affordable Prices

Fully customizable

Opt for a minimal, single color look or be as creative with your artwork on the outside and inside of your rigid box. Add enhancements such as foil stamping or embossing to give your packaging that subtle beauty. All rigid boxes come with a standard matte or glossy finish.

Sturdy and Secure

Thick, solid rigid packaging boxes will keep your products safe and secure. Pair it with a custom box insert for an elevated unboxing experience.

Minimums starting from 300 units

The MOQs for custom rigid boxes start at 300 units per size and design.

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Lisse Custom Rigid Box Partial Cover with a Foil Stamped Logo

Your Style of Rigid Packaging Boxes

Non-collapsible rigid boxes

The most common types of rigid boxes cannot be flattened due to their rigid and sturdy nature. These rigid boxes are perfect for packaging and protecting premium products such as jewelry and electronics.

Collapsible rigid boxes

With the use of thinner materials, a 2-piece foldable rigid box provide a similar sturdiness to regular rigid boxes. These foldable rigid boxes must be assembled and folded together to take shape. Perfect for smaller budgets and maintaining a similar unboxing experience.

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Eco-friendly Rigid Boxes

Kraft Rigid Boxes

The most eco-friendly rigid box solution out there, kraft rigid boxes are 100% biodegradeable and compostable uncoated with finishes.

Soy-based ink

All rigid boxes are printed using soy-based ink which is non-toxic and yields high quality print.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here

Bareaya Custom Kraft Rigid Box Full Cover

Custom Printed Rigid Box Designs

Get inspired by these custom rigid boxes from brands around the world!

Six Realms Custom Magnetic Rigid Box
Six Realms
Rigid Boxes
GratiTea Custom Foldable Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes
Poetry Designs Custom Rigid Boxes Jewelery
Poetry Designs
Rigid Boxes
Bareaya Kraft Rigid Box
Rigid Boxes

Rigid Box Types

From standard lid and base rigid boxes to collapsible magnetic rigid boxes, choose a style that works with your brand vision.

Rigid Boxes Full Cover Lid and Base
Full Cover lid

Made with rigid cardboard. The lid, separate from the base, fully covers the box. Foldable versions are available.

Rigid Boxes Partial Cover Lid and Base
Partial Cover Lid

These boxes are made similar to gift boxes with full cover lids but only partially cover the base. Foldable versions are available.

Rigid Setup Box Mockup
Rigid Setup Boxes

These rigid boxes resemble a standard shoebox where the lid covers just a small top of the box - usually 1 inch or 2.5cm.

Shoulder and Neck Rigid Box
Shoulder and Neck Rigid Box

A tray is glued inside the base and protrudes out (the neck) from the base (the shoulder). The lid can cover the neck fully or partially.

Rigid Tray and Sleeve Box Mockup
Rigid Drawer Box

The drawer of this custom rigid box slides into the outer sleeve. A great choice if you want to give your customers a unique unboxing experience.

Rigid Box with Magnetic Lid Mockup
Magnetic Lid Rigid Box

Also called hinged boxes, a tray is glued to the base and the lid includes magnets to securely close the box. Collapsible versions are available.

Two Piece Rigid Box

The classic rigid box that comes with a separate lid and base.

Lisse Two Piece Partial Cover Rigid Box

Lisse Two Piece Rigid Box with a Lid and Base

Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Use magnets to securely close your rigid boxes and give your customers a premium unboxing experience.

Galdier Magnetic Rigid Box Closed

Galdier Magnetic Rigid Box Opened

Magnetic Lid Rigid Boxes Opened

Collapsible Magnetic Rigid Boxes

These boxes are delivered to you flat, saving on shipping fees and storage. Simply fold the box into place and have it securely closed with magnets.

Six Realms Collapsible Rigid Box Closed

Six Realms Collapsible Rigid Box Opened

Six Realms Collapsible Rigid Box Flat

Foldable Rigid Boxes

Want the premium feel of a rigid box on a smaller budget? Foldable rigid boxes are thinner than standard rigid boxes and are folded into shape to give it a similar sturdiness. These boxes are delivered to you flat, making it cheaper to ship than standard rigid boxes.

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What our customers have to say

We love working with PackMojo. Our packaging is minimalist yet you can feel the quality in every single detail. Their team is always reachable and super reactive. The experience with them is seamless and smooth from design to delivery. Thank you.


They solved my problems and customized every bit of my requirements. The attention to detail is superb. They ensured that they delivered every box so well labeled that it took me just minutes to restock my packaging.

Poetry Designs

It was a great experience to work with PackMojo! The boxes turned out to be excellent and surpassed our expectations. We definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for high-quality packaging and a worry-free experience.

Six Realms

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paper do you use for rigid boxes?

Our rigid boxes are made with solid bleached sulphate (SBS) paper and a thick paperboard to give it rigidity. Kraft rigid boxes uses kraft paper instead of SBS.

How thick are your rigid boxes?

Standard rigid boxes are 1000-1500gsm and foldable rigid boxes are around 600gsm (300gsm back to back).

Can I order samples?

You can order an unprinted, structural sample of your rigid box here to test the size & structure of your rigid box. We do not provide printed samples unless you are ordering a pre-production sample, which can cost a minimum USD 250 depending on complexity. More information about our samples can be found here.

Can you provide a rigid box dieline for me?

Dielines are included as part of the structural design service.

Which rigid box type is the most expensive?

Shoulder and neck rigid boxes, rigid drawer boxes, and magnetic rigid boxes are the most premium and cost the most per unit. The cheapest rigid box options would be a foldable rigid box or a rigid box with a separate lid and base.

How do I get a quote for rigid boxes?

Simply visit PackMojo Guru to submit your request. We'll get back to you soon!

Will it cost more to print in Pantone?

Yes it will. Our quoted pricing assumes print in CMYK. Let us know which Pantone colors you'd like us to use and we can get back to you!

What standard finishes do you provide for rigid boxes?

Our standard finishes include a matte or glossy lamination. Soft touch is also available at an additional cost.

Does foil stamping, embossing, debossing, or spot UV cost more?

Yes it does. Please let us know what you're looking for and we'll get back to you!

What format should I send my artwork to you in?

Please send us your design on a dieline in Adobe Illustrator format or PDF format. If you need help with your design, you can purchase artwork design services here.

Does my rigid box need extra packaging when being shipped?

We do recommend an external carton for shipping. Rigid boxes shipped on their own or in thin polybags could cause dents on the edges and scratches on the boxes. In order to ensure your premium packaging stays premium until it reaches the hands of your customers, opt for a shipping carton or mailer box.

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