Customizable Box Inserts

Custom Printed Packaging Inserts

Custom box inserts, also known as packaging inserts or packaging inlays, are used to ensure your products are secure inside your box. These can come in the form of paper inserts, cardboard inserts, or foam inserts. Other than product protection, custom inserts allow you to present your products beautifully during the unboxing experience. If you have multiple items in one box, packaging inserts are a great way to position each product just the way you'd like. What's better is that you can fully customize each box insert with your branding! Take a look at our box insert guidelines, or simply get inspired with a selection of ideas for box inserts.

Nail Deck Nail Polish Packaging Mailer Box

Made with your Choice of Material

Paper Inserts

Paper inserts or kraft paper inserts are perfect for small, lightweight items such as beauty products and stationery, and can be fully printed on.

Cardboard Inserts

Corrugated cardboard inserts are ideal for products that are heavier and need a bit more protection, such as smaller glass bottles. Corrugated inserts can be printed on.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are best for fragile items such as jewelry, glass or electronics. Foam inserts are the least eco-friendly and cannot be printed on. Foam inserts are available in black or white.

Custom Cardboard Packaging Insert
Custom Foam Insert

Fully Customizable & Affordable

Custom printed inserts

Customize your paper and cardboard inserts with full print and branding for an elevated unboxing experience.

Low minimums

The minimum order quantity for custom box inserts start at 300 units if you're ordering inserts with boxes. For standalone inserts without a box, the MOQ starts at 500 units.

Paper and cardboard inserts are estimated to be around 45-50% of the unit price of a box. For detailed quotes, please get in touch with us!

REYN Custom printed packaging insert with mailer box

Structural Design Made to Fit

Our team of structural engineers can create a structural design that's custom made to fit your products in the insert and the accompanying box.

Whether you'd like a mailer box with a printed insert or a rigid box with a foam insert, we've got you covered.

Structural Design Packaging Insert and Rigid Box
Packaging Insert Structural Design for Products

Custom Packaging Inlay Designs

Get inspired by these custom box insert designs and see how you can present your products in the best way possible.

What our customers have to say

We love working with PackMojo. Our packaging is minimalist yet you can feel the quality in every single detail. Their team is always reachable and super reactive. The experience with them is seamless and smooth from design to delivery. Thank you!


PackMojo reached out to me about a year ago through an introduction from a mutual friend and I am so glad they did. I had been racking my brains trying to figure out how to create a cost-efficient customised packaging + insert for my Lacquer Kit product and I never knew that there was a company like PackMojo out there that could provide me with the solutions. I only wished I found out about PackMojo earlier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our help center.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for box inserts?

If you're ordering inserts with a box, the MOQ starts at 300 units for each. Note that the quantity of the box and insert must be the same. If you're just ordering inserts alone, the MOQ starts at 500 units.

What materials do you use for paper or cardboard inserts and dividers?

Depending on your products and the final structural design, these can be SBS paper or a corrugated material.

What materials do you use for foam inserts?

We use Polyethylene foam (PE Foam) which can come in a standard black or white color. If you're looking for another color, please get in touch with us!

What format should I provide my artwork to you in?

Please send us your artwork in a dieline file (PDF or AI format) that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Please keep the dieline as a separate layer in your AI file, and be sure to follow all of these dieline design tips to ensure your artwork file is production-ready.

What is the process to get started with structural design?

  1. Visit our Shop and submit your request for custom box inserts or display boxes. Share rough sketches or photos of your products laid out in the position you'd like them!
  2. Based on your requirements, we'll let you know how much the structural design service will cost and send you an invoice for payment.
  3. Mail your products to our office in Hong Kong, and we'll get started!

What is the average price of a custom box insert?

Assuming the same materials for the insert are the same as the box's material, the price of an insert is around 45-50% of the box. Please note that this is just an estimation and the price is subject to change. The final price of inserts will be determined once we've created a structural design, which is where we'll know the optimal type and amount of materials to use.

What if I already have my own structural design for inserts?

Great! Send your dieline file over of the insert and we'll provide a quote for you based on this dieline. Note that if you'd like us to produce the insert according to your dieline, we cannot guarantee your products will fit in the insert and associated box unless we run structural tests with your products. If you'd like us to test your products with your insert design, you can purchase a structural sample of an insert.

Get Started with Custom Packaging Inserts

Let us know what types of products you're looking to package in a custom box insert and we'll get back to you soon!