Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are sturdy packaging designed to protect fragile or valuable products. The strength of corrugated packaging comes from its wavy design, as well as its thickness (technically known as flute). Get your unique corrugated packaging online with PackMojo: our corrugated product offerings include mailers, box inserts, shipping & display boxes.

Anksia Custom Corrugated Mailer Box

What is a Corrugated Box?

In simple terms, corrugated boxes differ from other boxes because of their "wavy" and thicker walls. Corrugation is obtained through gluing three different layers together. The two outer sheets are flat and the sheet in the middle has a curly shape. The process of adding corrugation and thickness to the boxes is technically known as flute packaging.

Cardboard Flute and Corrugation

How Much Weight Can a Corrugated Box Hold?

Corrugated boxes can on average withstand between 40lb (18kg) to 80 lb (36kg) for single-walled cartons, and up to 140lb (64kg) for double-walled boxes. The technical method to measure this is called Edge Crush Test (ECT). ECT can be defined as a test performed in a laboratory which applies pressure on corrugated cardboard to measure its crushing point. Most corrugated boxes will display an ECT score which indicates how much they can safely carry.

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Mailer Boxes

PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

Corrugated mailers are the perfect choice for eCommerce packaging and make for a great unboxing experience.

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Folding Cartons

PackMojo Straight Tuck End Folding Carton

Corrugated folding cartons are ideal for packaging smaller products that may be heavy or fragile.

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Box Inserts & Dividers

PackMojo Custom Box Inserts

Corrugated partitions or dividers are ideal for organizing heavier or fragile items inside your main packaging box.

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What are the benefits of corrugated boxes?


Corrugated boxes will protect your products during transportation and handling, as well as shield them from dust and weather conditions.


Corrugated packaging is renewable and recyclable. It is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.


Corrugated packaging can be highly customized: from thickness, designs and shapes, corrugated boxes can suit every business’ needs.

Price point

The foldable design of corrugated boxes makes them an attractive and cost-effective option, while preserving a stylish product.

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