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Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Folding Carton Boxes

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Folding carton boxes, also known as custom product boxes, are paperboard boxes primarily used for packaging individual products (e.g. perfume, candles, beauty products). These boxes usually have tuck flaps on one or both ends of the box, and can be corrugated for storing fragile or heavier products. Folding cartons can be fully customized with print on the outside and inside of the box, giving you the best storyboard to share your brand.

Custom Printed Folding Carton Boxes

Perfect as Individual Product Boxes

Fully customizable

Print on the outside and inside of your box, and even add customizations such as a unique foil stamped logo to make your brand stand out. All folding carton boxes come with a standard matte or glossy finish.

Lightweight and sturdy

Folding cartons are lightweight compared to mailer boxes or rigid boxes, making them ideal for stacking or displaying in retail stores.

Minimums from 30 boxes

Order as little as 30 units for standard sized folding carton boxes and 100 units for custom sized folding carton boxes.

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Custom Folding Carton Box for Tampons

Eco-friendly Folding Cartons

Sustainable materials

Our folding carton boxes are made of paperboard material that contain at least 50% post-consumer content.

Soy-based ink

Non-toxic, soy-based ink ensures good quality printing while also making these boxes completely biodegradable and recyclable.

Looking for greener packaging solutions? Opt for kraft paper folding cartons as it's 100% biodegradable and compostable when uncoated with finishes.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here

Chezza Custom Kraft Folding Carton Boxes with a Window

Custom Printed Folding Carton Box Designs

Get inspired by these custom folding boxes from brands around the world!

Nail Deck Custom Folding Carton Boxes with Window
Nail Deck
Sugaring Custom Folding Carton Boxes
Folding Carton Boxes
SETBAR Custom Folding Carton Box Packaging
Folding Carton Boxes
Chezza Custom Kraft Folding Carton Box
Folding Carton Boxes

Types of Folding Carton Boxes

Product packaging boxes for eCommerce businesses and brands. Choose a style that meets your needs!

Straight Tuck End Folding Carton Box Mockup
Straight Tuck End Box

Both the top and bottom have tuck ends on the same ends of the box. Ideal if products can be inserted on either side of the box.

Reverse Tuck End Folding Carton Box Mockup
Reverse Tuck End Box

Both the top and bottom have tuck ends except on reverse ends on the box. Most popular choice by brands.

Snap Lock Bottom Folding Carton Box
Snap Lock Bottom with Tuck Top

The bottoms of these boxes are folded into place. This is the standard PackMojo folding carton box bottom.

Auto Lock Bottom Folding Carton Box
Auto-lock Bottom with Tuck Top

Two small parts of the bottom tabs are glued so that you can automatically snap the bottom into place. Ideal for slightly heavier products.

How to Assemble a Folding Carton Box with a Lock Bottom

Folding carton boxes are shipped to you flat. Our standard folding carton boxes come with a tuck flap and lock bottom. Watch this video to see how to easily and quickly fold this box together.

What our customers have to say

PackMojo made the entire process from creating the artwork, getting a press proof right through to final production a breeze. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.


After a disaster with a previous printer, it was such a smooth and enjoyable process to work with the PackMojo crew - now I recommend them to everyone! The quality of printing is exceptional.


We didnt have much knowledge about packaging and the design process of it, so with the help of PackMojo we created a technical, advanced, environmentally friendly packaging set which we really like.


Frequently Asked Questions

What standard finishes do you provide for folding carton boxes?

Our standard finishes include a matte or glossy aqueous finish for folding carton boxes.

What type of paper do you use for folding carton boxes?

We use Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) paper and kraft paper for folding carton boxes. Here's more information about our materials.

Can I order samples?

For folding carton boxes boxes, we can provide a Simplified Sample which is printed but doesn't include finishes (e.g. matte/glossy) nor add-ons such as foil stamping or embossing. You can also order an unprinted, structural sample of your folding carton. To order samples, visit this page.

Is a folding carton box with an auto lock bottom more expensive?

Yes, this would be more expensive than the other types of folding carton boxes.

Can I include inserts inside my folding carton boxes?

Definitely! Inserts can help secure your products in place. Learn more about our structural design services for inserts here.

What products can I use these boxes for?

Custom folding boxes are great for lightweight products such as cosmetics, candles, toys, perfumes, and accessories. The feature of printing on the inside and out as well as the add ons such as embossing and foil stamping give you the chance to market your brand using your boxes.

Will it cost more to print in Pantone?

Yes it will. Our quoted pricing assumes print in CMYK. Do let us know which Pantone colors you'd like us to use and we can get back to you!

Can you provide a dieline for me?

You can access all standard folding carton box box dielines here. If you'd like a custom sized folding carton box dieline, you can order a dieline here. We include dielines for free as part of our sampling services or when you place your order with us.

What format should I send my artwork to you in?

Please send us your design on a dieline in Adobe Illustrator format or PDF format.

I need help designing something to print on my box.

Don’t worry! We can help. We provide artwork design services for just USD 99 and can bring your brand vision to life. More info here.

Does my folding carton box need extra packaging when being shipped?

We would highly recommend this as folding carton boxes aren't designed to withstand the wear and tear of shipping. It's best to packaging your folidng carton boxes in an external mailer box or shipping carton.

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