Custom Packaging Sleeves

Custom packaging sleeves, also known as belly band packaging, are a great way to elevate the branding of your custom boxes and products. Whether you're wrapping packaging sleeves around unprinted boxes or individual products, you'll be able to make your brand stand out without breaking the bank. Get inspired with our favorite sleeve packaging examples.

mailer boxes with custom sleeves

Thanks for your work! The paper thickness looks good. The printing is nice, clear and fine. My product looks better with the sleeve you made!


We came across PackMojo online and liked their eco-friendly options in packaging, which is in line with our business values, so we made contact and made some enquiries on packaging we needed. Extremely happy with the process and the service overall. Quick turnaround, and they keep you in the loop from start to finish!

Mia Belle

Premium Sleeves at Affordable Prices

Custom size & print

Packaging sleeves are fully customizable in size and print. They can be wrapped around any shape or sized product, and are a great choice for displaying seasonal offerings by wrapping them around existing products or boxes.

Cost-effective branded packaging

Pair printed packaging sleeves with unprinted boxes for an affordable, yet branded experience. Perfect if you have a stock of generic branded boxes that you want to uniquely customize.

MOQ from 500 units

Minimums starting from 500 units per size or design.

SOAP BAR Custom Soap Dish Packaging

Available in 3 Standard Styles

Choose from 3 different styles of packaging sleeves to best meet your packaging needs.

Custom Packaging Sleeve Flat Mockup PackMojo

Custom Sleeves (Flat)

Get custom printed packaging sleeves and decide how you want to wrap and and seal your sleeves around your products or boxes. Perfect for different sized and shaped products.

Est. unit price: US$ 0.20 - 0.85

Assuming sleeve size of 5" x 1", printed on one side, and quantity from 500-2000 units.

Custom Packaging Sleeve with Adhesive Mockup PackMojo

Custom Sleeves with Adhesive

Get sleeves with an adhesive strip to easily wrap and seal your sleeves around your custom boxes or products. Perfect for different sized and shaped products.

Est. unit price: US$ 0.25 - 0.95

Assuming sleeve size of 12" x 2", printed on one side, and quantity from 500-2000 units.

Custom Packaging Sleeve Pre-Glued Mockup PackMojo

Pre-glued Sleeves

Pre-glued packaging sleeves are perfect sliding over custom boxes or wrapping individual items such as containers. Perfect for same sized products.

Est. unit price: US$ 0.30 - 1.20

Assuming sleeve size of 10" x 6" x 3", printed on one side, and quantity from 500-2000 units.

Technical Specs: Packaging Sleeves

An overview of the standard customizations available for custom sleeves.


Custom sleeves use a standard paper thickness of 300-400gsm. These materials contain at least 50% post-consumer content (recycled waste).


Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paper that yields high quality print.

Brown Kraft

Unbleached brown paper that is ideal for only black or white print.


All packaging is printed with soy-based ink, which is eco-friendly and produces much brighter and vibrant colors.

Compare CMYK & Pantone


CMYK is the most popular and cost effective color system used in print.


For accurate brand colors to be printed and is more expensive than CMYK.


Coating is added to your printed designs to protect it from scratches and scuffs.

Compare varnish & lamination


An eco-friendly water-based coating but doesn't protect as well as lamination.


A plastic coated layer that protects your designs from cracks and tears, but not eco-friendly.


Top off your packaging with a finish option that completes your package.

Compare finishes


Smooth and non-reflective, overall softer look.


Shiny and reflective, more prone to fingerprints.


Semi-shiny, in between a matte and glossy look.

Soft touch

Looks like a matte finish, but feels like velvet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our help center.

What is the minimum order quantity for sleeves?

500 units. The MOQ is based on every unique sleeve (e.g. size, design).

Where is your packaging produced?

Our packaging is produced with our vetted network of suppliers in China.

How long does production take?

Production typically takes 12-16 days, and 16-21 days for larger volume orders.

How long does shipping take?

Air freight options range from 7-21 days, while ocean freight options range from 26-71 days. If you need some packaging expedited earlier, consider splitting your shipment between air and ocean!

What size should pre-glued sleeves be to ensure it can slide over my box?

Generally, we recommend adding around 1.5-2mm to the width of the sleeves, and around 1.5-2mm to the height (size guidelines here).

Do you provide samples?

Yes! We have sample types that serve different purposes. Whether you're looking to test the size of your packaging or want to check your artwork to be printed, we've got you covered. Explore all sample options here.

Can you provide me with a dieline?

Dielines are provided for free once your order has been placed and payment has been made. If you order a sample, dielines will be included as part of the sampling fee.

What format should I provide my artwork to you in?

Please send us your artwork in a dieline file (PDF or AI format) that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Please keep the dieline as a separate layer in your AI file, and be sure to follow all of these dieline design tips to ensure your artwork file is production-ready.

Custom Sleeve Ordering Process

A simple, 6-step process to getting custom packaging sleeves.

1. Get a quote

Go to the platform and configure your sleeves to get a quote.

2. Purchase a sample (optional)

Get a sample of your sleeve to test size and quality before starting a bulk order.

3. Place your order

Choose your preferred shipping method and place your order on our platform.

4. Upload artwork

Add your artwork to the dieline template we'll create for you upon placing your order.

5. Start production

Once your artwork is approved, we'll start production, which typically takes 12-16 days.

6. Ship packaging

After passing quality assurance, we'll ship your packaging to your specified location(s).

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