Packaging Samples

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We completely understand the need for a sample before you place your first production order with us. Whether you're looking to test the size of your packaging with your products or get a visual representation of your artwork printed on a box, we've got you covered. Explore our range of sampling options and choose a sample type that best meets your needs.

Custom Sized Samples

Samples that are tailored to the size and material you're looking for.

Structural Sample Mockup PackMojo

Structural Sample

USD 39+

Blank, unprinted sample. Custom size and material. Ideal for verifying size and structure.

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Simplified Sample Mockup PackMojo

Simplified Sample

USD 59+

Printed sample without finishes. Custom size, material, and CMYK print. No finishes or add-ons.

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Pre-Production Sample Mockup PackMojo

Pre-production Sample

USD 300+

Printed sample using production facilities. Ideal for seeing the exact outcome of your packaging with no limitations on print, finishes, and add-ons.

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2D Printed Samples

Printouts of colors and artwork for verification.

Digital Print Proof Mockup CMYK Colors

Digital Print Proof

USD 25

2D printout of your artwork in CMYK. Printed with digital printers and ideal for seeing colors close to the final outcome in production.

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Press Proof Icon

Press Proof

USD 149

2D printout of your artwork in CMYK/Pantone. Printed with the actual print facilities used in production and ideal for seeing the exact colors to be printed.

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Pantone Color Chip Mockup

Pantone Color Chip

USD 59

2D Pantone color in chip format. Ideal for having a physical Pantone color reference.

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Off the Shelf Samples

Other Packaging Types Mockup PackMojo

Standard Sample Kit

USD 29

5 pre-printed boxes. Includes mailer boxes and folding cartons. Ideal for seeing PackMojo's production quality.

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