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Custom Packaging Canada

In the diverse landscape of Canadian commerce and regulations, custom packaging stands out as a key player in shaping brand identities, ensuring top product safety, as well as enhancing customer experiences. As we traverse from coast to coast, each city brings its unique flavor to the world of packaging. Welcome to PackMojo’s Canada HUB: the place where we collect city-specific guides and knowledge on custom packaging across Canada.

Canadian Case Studies

OVRY Custom Printed Folding Carton Boxes


Discover how OVRY uses folding carton boxes to package their line of fertility and pregnancy test products.

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Aenomaly Constructs Kraft Mailer Box with Kraft Box Insert

Aenomaly Constructs

Discover how Aenomaly Constructs packages their bike components with custom box inserts and mailer boxes.

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envello Custom Mailer Boxes for Linens


Discover how Envello uses custom mailer boxes to package and ship their bedding and linens.

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Six Realms Custom Magnetic Rigid Box

Six Realms

Discover how Six Realms uses collapsible magnetic rigid boxes to package their line of luxury bags.

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A Pan-Canadian Perspective on Packaging

In the vast expanse of Canada, spanning from Vancouver in the west to Halifax in the east, and from the bustling hubs of Toronto and Montreal to the vibrant landscapes of Calgary and Edmonton, packaging stands as a unifying commercial element. Regardless of geographical location or historical context, certain principles and trends in packaging remain consistent across the nation.

Material Choices

Across Canada, as well as other parts of the world, there's a noticeable shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials over the past few years. Whether it's recyclable cardboard, biodegradable plastics, or organic fabrics, the emphasis is on reducing environmental impact and aligning with global sustainability goals.

Design Philosophy and Visual Appeal

Irrespective of city influences, packaging designs lean towards a blend of functionality and aesthetics. The designs are often contemporary, reflecting global trends, yet they carry a touch of Canadian authenticity, resonating with the country's diverse culture and values.

Practicality Coupled with Novelty

Functionality remains at the core of packaging, in Canada like in the rest of the world. Whether it's the packaging needs of Edmonton or the retail-centric demands of cities like Toronto and Montreal, the focus is on ensuring products are protected, while also providing an engaging unboxing experience.

Custom Cardboard Tubes with Print Salted

Packaging Guides by City

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Packaging Guide

Find the best packaging solutions in Toronto - from online to offline options.

Vancouver Skyline

Vancouver Packaging Guide

Check out our guide on custom boxes & packaging solutions in Vancouver.

Montreal Skyline

Montreal Packaging Guide

Discover the best solutions for custom packaging and custom boxes Montreal.

Calgary Skyline

Calgary Packaging Guide

Explore our guide on how to get custom boxes and custom packaging in Calgary.

Ottawa Parliament

Ottawa Packaging Guide

Browse this guide and learn how to get custom boxes and packaging in Ottawa.

Edmonton Skyline

Edmonton Packaging Guide

Follow this guide to discover how to get custom boxes and packaging in Edmonton.

Winnipeg Skyline

Winnipeg Packaging Guide

Check out this guide on getting custom boxes & packaging in Winnipeg.

Quebec City Skyline

Quebec City Packaging Guide

From design to delivery, dive into custom packaging opportunites in Quebec City.

Halifax skyline

Halifax Packaging Guide

Explore the full potential of custom packaging in Halifax.

Shipping & Customs Guide

Woman taking notes for shipping

A Guide to International Shipping for eCommerce

Learn how to create and implement an international shipping strategy for your eCommerce store to help you reach new customers globally.

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PackMojo Sample Kit Mailer Boxes Folding Cartons

Customs & Duties

Learn about how much you will need to pay for importing packaging and cardboard boxes to Canada.

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