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Custom Boxes in Edmonton

Edmonton, the vibrant capital of Alberta, Canada, is a city that seamlessly blends urban sophistication with rural charm. Nestled along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, it serves as a central hub in the province, boasting a rich tapestry of culture, history, and economic vitality. This strategic location is picturesque and also plays a crucial role in Edmonton's economic and logistical network, enhancing its connectivity and influence throughout the region.

Surrounding Edmonton are satellite cities like Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, and Fort Saskatchewan, each contributing to and benefiting from the region's economic ecosystem. These neighboring cities, though smaller in size, are integral to the greater Edmonton area, creating a dynamic interplay between urban and suburban environments. This collective area forms a diverse and thriving market for industries, among which the packaging sector stands out.

Packaging Evolution & Techniques in Edmonton

In recent years, Edmonton has witnessed a shift in the packaging industry, driven by evolving market demands and technological advancements. There's a growing trend towards flexible and customized packaging solutions, particularly among small and medium-sized enterprises. These businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of packaging that is functional to their brand identity and values. This shift is reflective of a broader change in consumer preferences, where packaging is seen as an integral part of the product experience.

To meet these evolving needs, companies in Edmonton are embracing innovative technologies like laser cutting, etching, scoring, and perforating. These technologies have revolutionized the packaging industry by allowing for more intricate designs, greater precision, and enhanced functionality.

Laser cutting, for instance, enables the creation of complex patterns and shapes that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional methods. Similarly, laser etching and scoring have opened new avenues for customization and branding. Etching allows for detailed imagery and text on packaging, offering a unique branding opportunity that can set products apart on crowded shelves. Scoring, on the other hand, enhances the functionality of packaging by facilitating easy opening, folding, or tearing, thereby improving the user experience.

These technological advancements have positioned Edmonton packaging companies as forward-thinking players in the packaging industry.

Binnie & Clode Co Custom Kraft Folding Carton Boxes with Candles

Edmonton Packaging Companies to Consider

The custom packaging industry in Edmonton is marked by a diverse array of companies, each bringing unique strengths and specialties to the market. Among these, certain key players stand out due to their innovative approaches and comprehensive services.

Mauser Packaging

Mauser is a notable example, distinguishing itself with state-of-the-art packaging across a variety of products and sectors. They are located at 1912 66 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6P 1M4, by the 66 Ave NW in the Maple Ridge area.


From laminated to mono layer, Smackpack provide a varied range of services, including digitally printed packaging, as well as print & finish. SmartPack are located by 109 St NW, between Queen Alexandra and Park Allen, at the following address: 10830 73 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1C7.


Located at the edge of Pylypow Industrial area, Riteway provide a variety of b2b services, including project management, warehousing, custom packaging and printing; their address is the following: 3814 51 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 3T5.

Why Custom Packaging for Businesses in Edmonton?

Custom packaging offers a unique opportunity for businesses in Edmonton to showcase their brand and connect with customers. It serves as a tangible representation of the brand's values, aesthetics, and commitment to quality.

This is particularly important in a diverse market like Edmonton, where businesses must cater to a wide range of consumer preferences and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Custom packaging can transform a simple product into a memorable experience, fostering brand loyalty and repeat business.

Choosing a Packaging Partner in Edmonton

When selecting a packaging provider in Edmonton, businesses should consider several key factors. The ability to handle diverse production volumes is crucial, especially for SMEs that may require flexibility in order sizes. Providers should also offer innovative design capabilities, ensuring that packaging is not only functional but also aligns with the brand's image and marketing objectives. Another important consideration is the provider's expertise in leveraging the latest technologies to deliver high-quality results within reasonable timeframes.

Peace x Piece Puzzles Rigid Box with Neck Designs

FAQs about Custom Packaging in Edmonton

Does PackMojo offer delivery in Edmonton for custom packaging orders?

Yes, PackMojo offers the convenience of delivery to your preferred address in Edmonton. This allows businesses in the area to save time driving around looking for packaging shops, and have their packaging products delivered directly to their door.

Can PackMojo incorporate Edmonton-themed designs or elements into custom packaging?

Absolutely! PackMojo understands the importance of local branding and can incorporate Edmonton-themed designs or elements into your custom packaging. Whether it's featuring the city skyline, landmarks like the Edmonton Tower or Muttart Conservatory, or incorporating the Edmonton Oilers colors, they can help you create packaging that reflects the spirit of Edmonton.

Does PackMojo use environmentally friendly materials for custom packaging in Edmonton?

Yes, PackMojo offers eco-friendly packaging options for businesses in Edmonton. They prioritize sustainability and can provide materials such as recycled paperboard, biodegradable options, and packaging made from sustainable sources. They can help you choose environmentally friendly materials that align with your brand values.

Can PackMojo accommodate rush orders for businesses in Edmonton?

PackMojo understands that sometimes businesses in Edmonton may have urgent packaging needs. We strive to accommodate rush orders whenever possible. If you have a tight deadline, it's best to discuss your requirements with us directly to determine if we can meet your specific timeframe.

Explore Online Printed Boxes Options in Edmonton

As we’ve seen above, Edmonton offers a variety of offline printed box options to cater to different business needs. However, online packaging is also a viable alternative: from folding cartons and custom mailers, to display boxes and box dividers, these are just some of the styles available. These options allow businesses to choose packaging that best fits their products and brand identity, providing an opportunity to create a unique unboxing experience for customers.

PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

Mailer Boxes

Use custom mailer boxes to keep products well protected and give your customers an exciting unboxing experience.

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PackMojo Snap Lock Folding Carton

Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes, also known as product boxes, are the ideal choice for packaging lightweight items.

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PackMojo Foldable Tray and Sleeve Box with Thin Walls

Tray & Sleeve Boxes

These foldable 2-piece boxes include a tray that seamlessly slides out from the sleeve, perfect for packaging small products.

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We operate with many Canadian clients, including Edmonton. Our customized packaging solutions help brands create unforgettable experiences.

Based in Hong Kong, we work with a network of reliable suppliers in China to provide top-notch packaging at affordable prices.

Global shipping: Our competitive prices have made us a popular choice in Canada and specifically Edmonton.

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