Custom Box Dividers

Box dividers, also known as box partitions, are primarily used to create compartments in your packaging to separate and store multiple products in one box. Box partitions can be corrugated for extra protection of fragile products during transit, or made with lightweight paperboard for smaller items. Box dividers can be fully customized and are perfect for organizing your products inside your packaging.

Custom Printed Box Dividers in a Mailer Box

Partitions for Boxes

Fully customizable

All box dividers can be fully customized by size and number of compartments. Get them fully printed with your brand for a beautiful unboxing experience.

Product separation

These lightweight yet durable custom packaging dividers are perfect for preventing products from bumping into each other in transit, making them an ideal choice for shipping multiple items in one box.

Minimums starting from 300 units

The minimum order quantity for custom box dividers start at 300 units if you're ordering these divider with boxes. For standalone box dividers without a box, the MOQ starts at 500 units.

Custom Box Dividers in a Rigid Box
Custom Box Partitions and Inserts in a Magnetic Rigid Box

Types of Box Dividers

Custom Box Divider One Piece Mockup PackMojo

One-piece Box Dividers

These dividers are made using 1 large piece of paper or corrugated material which is folded up into dividers to create compartments. Perfect for subscription box products.

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Custom Box Partitions Mockup PackMojo

Paper Based Partitions

These partitions are made of multiple pieces of paper that's connected together to form smaller compartments. Perfect for lightweight items such as macarons or cookies.

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Custom Corrugated Box Partitions Mockup PackMojo

Cardboard Partitions

These dividers are made of multiple pieces of corrugated cardboard that's connected together to form compartments. Perfect for separating fragile items such as glass bottles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom box dividers?

If you're ordering custom box dividers with a box, the MOQ starts at 300 units for each 1-piece divider or set of partitions. If you're just ordering dividers or partitions alone, the MOQ starts at 500 units per each 1-piece divider or set of partitions.

What materials do you use for paper or cardboard inserts and dividers?

Depending on your products and the final structural design, these can be SBS paper or a corrugated material.

What is the average price of a custom box divider?

This would depend on the total amount of materials required to create the box partitions you're looking for. The unit price per box divider or set of partitions can range anywhere from 30% to 60% of the price of a single box. Please note that this is just an estimation and the price is subject to change. The final price of dividers will be determined once we've created a structural design, which is where we'll know the optimal type and amount of materials to use.

Can you create a structural design of box dividers to fit my products inside the box?

We sure can! This is part of our structural design service:

  1. Submit an enquiry here and describe in detail what design you'd like us to create. Share rough sketches or photos of your products laid out in the position you'd like them!
  2. Based on your requirements, we'll let you know how much the structural design service will cost and send you an invoice for payment.
  3. Mail your products and box (if any) to our office in Hong Kong, and we'll get started!

What if I already have my own structural design of box dividers?

Great! Send your dieline file over of the dividers and we'll provide a quote for you based on this dieline. Note that if you'd like us to produce the dividers according to your dieline, we cannot guarantee your products will fit in these dividers and associated box unless we run structural tests with your products. If you'd like us to test your products with your insert design, you can purchase a structural sample of an insert.

What format should I provide my artwork to you in?

Please send us your artwork in a dieline file (PDF or AI format) that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Please keep the dieline as a separate layer in your AI file, and be sure to follow all of these dieline design tips to ensure your artwork file is production-ready.

Get Started with Custom Box Dividers

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