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Tray and Sleeve Boxes

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Custom tray and sleeve boxes, also called drawer packaging, are great for a slide-to-reveal unboxing experience. This 2-piece box includes a tray that seamlessly slides out from the sleeve to unveil your products inside the box. Perfect for lightweight products or luxury items, and fully customizable so that you can showcase your brand in full. You can also opt for rigid drawer boxes if you are looking to package delicate items.

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Custom Printed Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Premium Boxes at Affordable Prices

Fully customizable

Whether you want to go for a minimal, single color look or full color patterns inside and out, the sky's the limit. Showcase your brand on the sleeve, the tray, or both!

Include attractive add-ons

Make a statement with enhancements such as foil stamping, embossing, Spot UV, and more. All tray and sleeve boxes come with a standard matte or glossy finish.

Minimums starting from 300 units

The MOQs for custom tray and sleeve boxes start at 300 units per size and design.

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AdvocacyRX Custom Printed Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

100% recyclable

Our foldable tray and sleeve boxes are made with at least 50% post-consumer content and are completely recylable with the use of standard water-based coating instead of lamination.

Soy-based ink

Everything we print uses soy-based ink which is not toxic to the environment.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here

Mia Belle Custom Kraft Tray and Sleeve Box

Style of Choice

Foldable tray and sleeve boxes

Foldable tray and sleeve box packaging is perfect for lightweight items such as soaps, beauty products, and cosmetics. These boxes are delivered to you flat - saving you on shipping costs. Made from high quality paperboard, these boxes and can be easily assembled and packed.

Rigid drawer boxes

Choose a rigid drawer box for something more sturdy to package delicate items such as electronics or jewelry. Rigid tray and sleeve boxes are made with thick paperboard and therefore cannot be flattened. Add small details such as a ribbon to pull the drawer out, and pair it with a custom box insert to keep your products in place.

Foldable Tray and Sleeve Box and Rigid Drawer Box

Foldable Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Two piece tray and sleeve boxes that are delivered flat and can be folded into shape.

Custom Tray and Sleeve Box with Thin Walls Mockup
Tray and Sleeve Box (Thin Walls)

The inner tray is designed with standard (thin) walls, giving you more space to store lightweight products or an assortment of products such as accessories.

Custom Tray and Sleeve Box with Thick Walls Mockup
Tray and Sleeve Box (Thick Walls)

The inner tray is designed with thick walls, acting as an insert in itself. This type of box is ideal for slightly heavier products that need to be secure during transit.

Custom Tray and Sleeve Box with Window Mockup
Tray and Sleeve with Window

Give your customers a chance to preview your products with a window on the sleeve. Perfect for retail display and products with different colors/textures to showcase.

Custom Tray and Sleeve Box with Insert Mockup
Tray and Sleeve with Custom Insert

The tray includes a custom moulded insert to hold your product(s) in place. Recommended if you are packing delicate or expensive products.

Rigid Drawer Box Packaging

These boxes cannot be flattened and are built sturdy to packaging heavier and more premium products. The rigid drawer box slides out from just one side of the sleeve with the help of a small ribbon or custom diecut thumb hole.

Custom Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon Mockup
Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon
Custom Rigid Drawer Box with Thumb Hole Mockup
Rigid Drawer Box with Thumb Hole

How to Assemble a Foldable Tray and Sleeve Box

These boxes are shipped flat to save on space and cost. Watch this video to see how to assemble a foldable tray and sleeve box.

What our customers have to say

We came across PackMojo online and liked their eco-friendly options in packaging, which is in line with our business values, so we made contact and made some inquiries on the packaging we needed. Extremely happy with the process and the service overall. Quick turnaround and they keep you in the loop from start to finish!

PackMojo was a miracle for us. They got us a great price that allows us to be very profitable out of the gate, and the quality is amazing. They were able to engineer technically advanced configurations and get it to us in the USA effortlessly. For anyone who is starting a new company, or is testing a new project, PackMojo is the partner for you. 5/5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can I use for tray and sleeve boxes?

Foldable tray and sleeve boxes are made with either white SBS paper or kraft paper. Rigid drawer boxes use a thicker paperboard, which is then wrapped with white or kraft paper.

How thick are your tray and sleeve boxes?

Foldable tray and sleeve boxes are 300gsm and rigid drawer boxes range from 1000-1500gsm.

What standard finishes do you provide for tray and sleeve boxes?

Our standard finishes include a matte or glossy aqueous finish for foldable tray and sleeve boxes. Rigid drawer boxes come with lamination.

Will prices be different for printing on the inside of the tray?

Prices scale up depending on how many sides of the box you want printed. There will be a cost for printing on one side of the set (e.g. outside of the tray and sleeve, or inside of the tray and sleeve), and the cost increases if both the outside and inside of the tray and sleeve is printed.

Can I order samples?

For foldable tray and sleeve boxes, we can provide a Simplified Sample which is printed but doesn't include finishes (e.g. matte/glossy) nor add-ons such as foil stamping or embossing.

For rigid drawer boxes, we can provide an unprinted structural sample and print proof. To order samples, visit this page.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimums start at 300 units per size and design.

Can you help create a structural design of my tray and sleeve box?

Absolutely! Check out our structural design services here.

How do I get a quote or place an order for tray and sleeve boxes?

Submit an enquiry on this page with your details and we'll get back to you soon!

Can I choose to only order a sleeve?

Yes you can! For standalone sleeves, the MOQ starts at 500 units. Please submit your enquiry on this page.

Will it cost more to print in Pantone?

Yes it will. Our quoted pricing assumes print in CMYK. Do let us know which Pantone colors you'd like us to use and we can get back to you!

What format should I send my design to you in?

Please send us your design on a dieline in Adobe Illustrator format or PDF format. A dieline is included for free as part of our structural design service, or if you'd like a stand-alone dieline, we can produce that for you as well. More information on our design services can be found here.

Do my tray and sleeve boxes need external packaging while being shipped?

We do recommend an external carton (e.g. mailer boxes) for shipping both the foldable tray and sleeve box or rigid drawer box. You want to ensure your tray and sleeve box doesn't get crushed during transit, and for rigid drawer boxes, you'd likely want to protect the box from scratches and dents.

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