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As a globally recognized organization, the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) sets the standard and operates a trusted forest certification system that focuses on responsible sourcing, conservation and restoration. Our FSC certification allows us to offer you FSC recycled packaging. By giving your customers a package made from FSC certified materials, you are supporting sustainable forest management and contributing to the well-being of our environment.

Products that are available in FSC™ materials

You can switch to using FSC materials for all corrugated and cardstock based packaging.


Mailer Boxes

PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

Corrugated mailer boxes made with FSC-certified materials are the perfect, eco-friendly solution for eCommerce packaging and shipping.

MOQ from 300 units

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Cardstock / corrugated

Folding Cartons

PackMojo Snap Lock Folding Carton

Folding carton boxes made with FSC recycled materials are a great way to package individual products and lightweight items.

MOQ from 300 units

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Cardstock / corrugated

Display Boxes

PackMojo Display Box Without Dust Flaps

Use counter display boxes and packaging made with FSC materials to beautifully showcase your products in-store or at events.

MOQ from 300 units

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Tray & Sleeve Boxes

PackMojo Foldable Tray and Sleeve Box with Thick Walls

Use foldable tray and sleeve boxes made with FSC-certified materials to offer a slide-to-reveal unboxing experience.

MOQ from 300 units

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Pillow Boxes

PackMojo Custom Pillow Boxes

Use custom pillow boxes made with FSC-certified materials as a way to elegantly package lightweight items and accessories.

MOQ from 300 units

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Packaging Sleeves

PackMojo Custom Pre-glued Sleeves

Packaging sleeves made with FSC recycled materials are the perfect eco-friendly option for adding additional product branding to boxes.

MOQ from 500 units

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How to order FSC™ packaging

Customize your packaging

Go to the PackMojo platform to choose a packaging type and specify to our team that you'd like to use FSC materials instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your FSC™ license code?

Our FSC license code is FSC-C198591.

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Get Started with FSC™ Packaging

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