Structural Design for Packaging

Structural Design Service

Offering complete design and packaging involves considering every aspect of a product's presentation, from initial design concepts to final packaging solutions. It's an all-in-one solution for bringing a product to market.

Some packaging types such as custom box inserts or uniquely shaped packaging require a structurally tested dieline design before any mass production, sampling, or a final quote can be provided. If your business does not have a structural design team for packaging, kickstart a structural design project with us and we'll help bring your packaging vision to life!

REYN Custom printed packaging insert with mailer box
Structural Design
Box Insert for a Tube
Custom Box Partitions and Inserts in a Magnetic Rigid Box
Structural Design
Box Dividers & Box Inserts
Magnetic Lid Rigid Box with Inserts
Structural Design
Box Inserts for a Set of Glassware
Custom Box Inserts for Product Sets
Structural Design
Box Inserts for a Set of Products
Custom Box Inserts for Glass Bottles
Structural Design
Box Inserts for Bottles
Custom Foam Insert
Structural Design
Custom Foam Inserts
Custom Cardboard Packaging Insert
Structural Design
Kraft Box Inserts
Structural Design Packaging Insert and Rigid Box
Structural Design
Box Inserts for Electronics and Components

Why Structural Design?

Creating the perfect structural design for inserts requires much more than just adding a few cutouts to a piece of paper. Some key considerations include:

  • Choosing the right materials for the products and maintaining a sturdy insert structure
  • Creating the optimal insert structure that securely holds each product, accounting for differences in product size, shape, and the distribution of weight in the box
  • Creating the outer box that fits the insert precisely without any waste in material

Our structural engineers will take all of these considerations into account during the design process to deliver a structurally sound insert design.

Process & Requirements

The structural design process takes 7-10 business days upon receiving your products.

1. Specify high-level requirements

Share the high-level requirements of what you're looking for (e.g. type of products, product placement, type of external box etc.)

2. Get a rough quote

Once we have an understanding of what you're looking for, we'll share an estimated cost for producing these boxes and inserts. Note that we can only provide a final quote based on the final structure (i.e. dieline) of the insert and box.

3. Start a structural design project

Place your order for a structural design project with us (starting from USD 99). The final cost will be based on the agreed upon project scope.

4. Mail us your products

Send your products to our office in Hong Kong or China. We need physical products on hand in order to create the optimal insert structure.

Note: Products that have been sent to us, if not requested to be returned, will be disposed after 6 months upon usage. Usage could be for structural design, sampling, or production purposes.

5. Finalize scope

While your products are in transit, we'll work with you to finalize the scope of this structural design project. For example, finalizing the exact box type, whether there are minimum/maximum dimensions to adhere to, the position/orientation of products, preferred material etc.

6. Start structural design

Once we receive your products, we'll start on the structural design, which takes around 7-10 business days.

7. Send photos

Once we have the structural design complete, we'll send photos of it for your reference.

8. Purchase a sample (optional)

You can choose to get a physical sample of the structural design to test size and quality.

9. Make adjustments (if required)

Adjustments can be made to the structural design if required. No additional costs will be charged for revisions. However, redesigns will incur additional charges. Please see the section on Revisions & Redesigns for more details.

10. Receive dieline

Once the structural design is approved, you will receive the structurally tested dieline of the insert and accompanying box (if applicable). We'll also then be able to share the final quote for this production order.


✅ 1 structurally tested dieline of the insert (and box if applicable)

This structurally tested dieline is now an asset that can be used in production by any factory.

Note: a physical sample is not included as part of the structural design project. You can opt to purchase a sample of the insert and box after we've sent photos of the structural design. Explore available sample options here.


The starting cost for a structural design project is USD 99. The final cost will be based on the agreed upon project scope.

Revisions & Redesigns

Before we start on the structural design process, we'll work with you to define the scope of what's included. Changes in scope after the structural design has been complete will come with additional costs.

Type of Change
Revision (no additional fees)
  • The box lid is too tight and it's hard to open the box
  • The box doesn't close or open properly
  • The product is too tight or too loose in the insert
Redesign (additional structural design fees)
  • Changing the packaging type (e.g. from a magnetic rigid box to a partial cover rigid box)
  • Changing the material (e.g. from white to black foam)
  • Changing the size of the outer box
  • Changing the orientation of an item (e.g. putting it sideways)
  • Changing the position of products (e.g. from center aligned to bottom aligned)