Glossary: Packaging Dieline

What is a dieline in packaging?

A dieline is a 2D template of your packaging that shows where everything will be printed, folded, and cut. Think of this like a blueprint of your print job before your order is sent to be manufactured.

In order for us to produce your packaging, we'll need your artwork in a dieline file like in the images below. You can use a tool like Adobe llustrator to apply your artwork to your dieline, and be sure to follow our dieline design best practices here so that your artwork files are production-ready!

Mailer Box Dieline

This is a dieline of a standard mailer box with print on both the outside and inside of the box.

Mailer Box Dieline Example

Folding Carton Box Dieline

This is a dieline of a snap lock bottom and tuck top folding carton box.

Folding Carton Box Dieline