Can laminated packaging be recycled?

Can laminated packaging be recycled?

Yes, laminated packaging can be recycled, though it ultimately depends on the capabilities of the recycling facility processing them.

In general, laminated paper products need to avoid full encapsulation, leave edges exposed, and maintain larger piece sizes to be recycled. Our packaging boxes are only laminated on one side, allowing the re-pulping process to adequately separate the paper fibers from the laminate layer, which most modern recycling facilities are capable of.

Furthermore, our packaging maintains their rigid structure rather than being shredded, allowing them to be easily sorted through at recycling centers. Generally, recyclers that are part of the process will perform a quality inspection before the paper products are processed. Given this, customers are encouraged to recycle all their laminated paper products and trust these professionals to make the final decision.

While some laminated paper products may be rejected due to quality issues, most have been shown to release paper fibers effectively for recycling at modern pulping plants. Although laminated packaging is not as eco-friendly as biodegradable lamination or omitting lamination, you can still feel comfortable recycling our laminated packaging.