Customisable Packaging & Boxes in Perth

Custom Packaging in Perth

With just over 2 million citizens, Perth is the fourth Australian city by population, coming right after Sydney, Melbourne and Greater Brisbane. We wrote this guide to provide you with an overview, as well as a few options when it comes to choosing a packaging solution, getting custom boxes or selecting flexible packaging for your business in Perth. Many Australian businesses trust PackMojo already, keep on reading to find out why.

Customised Packaging Solutions in Perth, Western Australia

We have created this page by analysing the landscape of custom packaging providers in Western Australia. We then compiled a list of top packaging companies, particularly focussing on the Perth area. Subsequently, we looked at their range of services and created a final list including our top picks, which you can find below.

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Myerton Packaging

Situated on the northwest side of Perth, Myerton Packaging is located within the Stirling Business Centre in Balcatta, between the Richard Guelfi Reserve and the Balcatta Baseball Club. They specialise in many verticals, including packaging for bakeries, florists, chocolate and wine products amongst others.

Crystal Pack

They are based in Cannington, not too far from Queens Park train station, served by both Thornlie and Armadale lines, on the southeast side of Perth. Crystal Pack specialises in different types of packaging, including (but not limited to) skincare, retail, food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Custom Box Masters

Not too far from Crystal Pack is Custom Box Masters. They are located in Bentley, at the entrance of the Wyong Reserve. Custom Box Masters specialise in printed boxes, gift boxes, metalised boxes and many other types of packaging. In terms of industry verticals, they also cover cosmetic boxes, food packaging and a variety of custom options.

Packaging Perth

Packaging Perth is based in Welshpool, between the Carlisle Reserve and the Tomato Lake. Their packaging and boxes offerings range from corrugated products, to Sleeve Labelling and Soft Fold Cartons among other things.

Online Custom Packaging for Perth

There will always be the need for some physical shops and locations within specific industries: let’s consider dentists, health clinics or restaurants as an example - you can't have open heart surgery without being in a hospital setting, or eat a fancy meal remotely served by a waiter (although you could order takeout food, but the experience will be significantly different). Let’s face it, we’re living in a world that is digitising at a faster pace than ever. More and more people reward businesses that offer the flexibility and convenience of making a purchase online, effectively making e-commerce transactions a standard part of our daily lives.

Consumer’s habits are shifting towards online shopping for many reasons, including:

  • Saving time and petrol,
  • Avoiding parking fees, traffic,
  • The ability to compare prices online,
  • Potential for special prices.

All of these reasons made physical locations for packaging companies a relatively less important factor. As a matter of fact, geographical borders, regions and countries have gotten much “closer” because of eCommerce and the internet.

BEAMS Coffee Custom Packaging Box for Coffee Pods

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PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

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Corrugated mailers are a popular choice for eCommerce brands who want to give customers an amazing unboxing experience.

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Magnetic closure boxes are the perfect luxurious choice for packaging premium and high-end products.

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Also known as counter display boxes, they're perfect for both storing and displaying products on retail shelves.

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Why trust PackMojo for Packaging in Perth?

At PackMojo we are helping many Australian businesses already, and because of our strategic location in Asia, we can get our products to Australia much faster than any other countries. We've enabled many Aussie companies to tell their brand stories through our customised packaging solutions.

Unbeatable prices: we’re based in Hong Kong and leverage our trusted network of suppliers in China to bring you top-notch packaging at affordable rates.

We care about the environment: we produce eco-friendly packaging, we use soy based ink and plant trees, among other things.

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