Custom Boxes & Packaging in Sydney

Custom Packaging in Sydney

As part of our Australia HUB, as well as its relative proximity to Asia, Sydney is a location in demand for custom boxes and packaging. In this guide we'll cover some of the available options when looking for a customised packaging solution in Sydney. We have also created a similar page for Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. From corrugated boxes to eco friendly packaging, we've got you covered.

Custom Packaging in Sydney: brick and mortar alternatives

We compiled a list of packaging businesses in Sydney, so you don’t have to. We categorised them by location: city centre vs suburban Sydney. In any case, we kept the driving distance under 1 hour.

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Custom Boxes in proximity to Sydney’s city centre

  • Small Custom Boxes: with their office located not too far from the Sydney Opera House, Small Custom Boxes specialises in a variety of packaging options.
  • Custom Printed Boxes is another Sydney alternative for custom packaging. Their office is located between the Sydney Aquarium and St Mary’s Cathedral.

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Custom Packaging further away from central Sydney

  • Express Packaging: about one hour drive west from Sydney centre, at the intersection between the M4 and A44, is located Express Packaging. Their main focus is custom cardboard products.
  • Custom Boxes is located in Smeaton Grange, about 45 minutes drive south-west from Sydney city centre. They also specialise in different types of custom packaging and boxes.

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Online Options for Custom Printed Packaging in Sydney

In the previous part of this page we covered some of the best locations in Sydney to look for custom packaging: but what about the online world?

Unlike a physical location, online shopping can be a more flexible and often convenient way to make a purchase. This is not only true for packaging, but many other types of goods in general.

Reasons to buy packaging online can therefore be quite diverse, but in summary:

  • It saves time, which can be used for other things.
  • High degree of convenience: no traffic, no driving, no fuel consumption and having to find a parking spot.
  • The range of available products is usually wider.
  • Potentially able to obtain discounts or lower prices.
  • Product specs and information are usually fully available online.
  • It is usually possible to compare multiple models online, even when temporarily out of stock.
BEAMS Coffee Custom Mailer Box Coffee Pods

Explore Online Custom Printed Boxes for Sydney

Choose a box style that pairs perfectly with your products.

PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

Mailer Boxes

Corrugated mailers are the perfect choice for eCommerce packaging and make for a great unboxing experience.

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PackMojo Magnetic Lid Rigid Box

Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Provide a premium unboxing experience with magnetic closure boxes and elevate the overall value of your brand.

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PackMojo Custom Box Inserts

Custom Box Inserts

Use custom box inserts that are moulded to the shape of your products to give customers an elevated unboxing experience.

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Why PackMojo for Sydney Packaging?

We are already trusted by a variety of Australian customers. We helped many of them with telling their brand stories and making great first impressions through our customised packaging solutions.

Quality production at lower rates: we’re based in Hong Kong and work with a trusted network of suppliers in China to bring you top-notch packaging at affordable rates.

We ship worldwide, but for geographical reasons and our competitive pricing, demand for our products in Australia is high.

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