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With about 2.6 million Brisbanians calling it home, Brisbane is the most populous city in Queensland and the third most populous settlement in Australia. We wrote this guide to provide you with an overview, as well as a few options when it comes to choosing packaging solutions, getting custom boxes or selecting flexible packaging alternatives for your business in Brisbane. If you reside in another city, or would like to find out more about custom packaging in other parts of Australia, we wrote a similar guide for Sydney, for Melbourne as well as Perth. Many Australian businesses trust PackMojo already, keep reading & find out more.

Customised & Printed Boxes in Brisbane

This page was created with the intent of providing an overview of the custom packaging landscape in Brisbane. We created this page by analysing various packaging providers and businesses in Queensland. We then compiled a list of top packaging companies, particularly focusing on the Brisbane area. We then looked at their range of services & offerings, and created a list with our top picks, which you can find below.

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GMD Packaging

GMD Packaging: GMD Packaging is located in Pinkenba, not too far from Brisbane International Airport (BNE). They specialise in a variety of custom packaging solutions, including sizing, printing, heat sealers and pouches.


Not too far from GMD Packaging, Packnit is at the edge of Pinkenba, in Eagle Farm, just a few minutes away from the Royal Queensland Golf Club. They specialise in a variety of packaging products, including Custom Shelf Ready Cartons, paper bags and stand up pouches.

TechPack Solutions

The business is in Bulimba, by the Brisbane River. The TechPack building is located a few minutes away from the Navy Headquarters of South Queensland. They are highly specialised in Case Foam Inserts, Custom Foam Applications and overall Engineered Packaging Solutions.

The Packaging Place

Based in Virginia (Queensland), Packaging Place is located at the edge of the Virginia Golf Club, not too far from the Virginia train station. At Packaging Place they specialise in Custom 2 Piece Boxes, Candle and Diffuser Boxes, and Custom Counter Displays, among other things.

Online Custom Packaging for Brisbane

While many offline businesses are here to stay, progressively more products and services are being sold online. Think about food takeout apps, business meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, online banking, online consultations for fitness coaches, accountants or solicitors. Online transactions have become the norm, and millions of people & businesses are purchasing things online daily.

This trend is also true for packaging: today’s technology allows businesses to design, custom print and conveniently order a variety of packaging products: from mailer boxes, to custom dividers and many other ad hoc solutions, options are almost unlimited.

There are other secondary advantages (important nonetheless) to purchasing packaging online. These include time saving, hassle free purchase experience, no driving, traffic or parking involved, the ability to compare prices and brands online, alongside the potential to find better deals than in person.

Binnie & Clode Co Custom Kraft Folding Carton Boxes with Candles

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PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

Mailer Boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes are a popular choice for eCommerce branding and shipping.

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PackMojo Straight Tuck End Folding Carton

Folding Cartons

Folding carton boxes are an ideal choice for packaging and branding lightweight items.

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PackMojo Shoulder and Neck Rigid Box

Shoulder and Neck Rigid Boxes

A classic 2 piece rigid box with the addition of a 'neck' for an elevated, premium unboxing experience.

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Why PackMojo for Packaging in Brisbane?

At PackMojo we are helping many Australian businesses already, and because of our strategic location in Asia, we can get our products to Australia much faster than many other locations worldwide. We help many Aussie companies tell their brand stories through our customised packaging solutions.

Affordability: we’re based in Hong Kong and leverage our trusted network of suppliers in China to bring you top-notch packaging at affordable rates.

We care about sustainability: we produce eco-friendly packaging, we use soy based ink for our packaging, and we plant trees.

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