Customisable Packaging Boxes in Melbourne

Custom Packaging in Melbourne

When it comes to customisable packaging & boxes, Australia is one of PackMojo's most prominent markets. Many Australian businesses have trusted us already and in this guide we'll give an overview of the packaging market in Melbourne. We've also written a separate guide for Sydney which you can find by clicking here.

Custom Packaging Box Solutions in Melbourne

We have researched packaging companies and custom boxes providers in Melbourne. We then compiled a list of our favourite ones, so you will have the choice to visit them in person (should you decide to).

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Pack Queen

The company is located in Thomastown, not too far from Keon Park train station, on the northern side of Melbourne. As a leading packaging company in Australia, Pack Queen specialise in many verticals, including food packaging, gift boxes, wine boxes, cardboard boxes and much more.


Another packaging company in north Melbourne, PacknBag is located at the edge of the Cooper St Grassland Nature Conservation Reserve. They offer a wide range of packaging solutions, including Kraft padded envelopes, custom printing, mailer boxes, corrugated boxes and many other custom options.

Jetbox Melbourne

JetBox is a packaging company on the south-east side of Melbourne. They are located by the Dandenong Creek, a 10 minute walk from the Fish World Aquarium. Their offerings include packaging supplies, moving boxes, custom flap cartons, custom partitions & dividers and die cut trays (among many other things).

Packing Boxes Online

PackingBoxesOnline is located on the eastern side of Melbourne, where the M3 intersects road 47 in the proximity of Elgar Park. Their product offerings slightly vary from the other companies we’ve looked at so far, as they specialise in packaging supplies such as tape, permanent markers, and box cutters. We included them on the list because they also offer various types of boxes, including wine boxes, heavy duty boxes and affordable options for cheap boxes.

Online Options for Custom Packaging in Melbourne

Although physical locations are still very important for many types of businesses (i.e. restaurants, health clinics etc), it is not always the case for every industry. In a world that is progressively becoming more digitalised, the flexibility and convenience of online purchases are making e-commerce transactions the norm.

Consumer’s habits are shifting towards online shopping for a variety of reasons, including time saving, avoiding traffic, and the ability to compare several competitors at once among other benefits. Furthermore, making a purchase online can often allow access to special discounts or lower prices.

One final thing to consider when buying or shipping overseas is custom duties: we wrote an in-depth piece which can be found here.

Anksia Custom Corrugated Packaging Box

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PackMojo Standard Mailer Box

Mailer Boxes

Corrugated mailers are a popular choice for eCommerce brands who want to give customers an amazing unboxing experience.

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PackMojo Partial Cover Lid Rigid Box

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes with a separate lid and base are a great luxurious packaging choice that is perfect for high-end products.

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PackMojo Custom Box Inserts

Custom Box Inserts

Custom box inserts and dividers are a perfect way to organise and secure your products when shipped to customers.

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Why PackMojo for Melbourne Packaging?

PackMojo is a leading packaging company already trusted by many Australian businesses. We helped many of them (as we will help you) to tell their brand stories and make great first impressions through our customised packaging solutions.

Competitive prices: we’re based in Hong Kong and work with a trusted network of suppliers in Mainland China to bring you top-notch packaging at affordable rates.

We ship worldwide, but for geographical reasons and our affordable rates, demand for our products in Australia is high compared to other parts of the world.

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