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Mailer Boxes

Perfect for eCommerce packaging and shipping.

Standard Mailer Box Icon

Standard Mailer Boxes

MOQ: 30+

A standard corrugated mailer box that's sturdy and can be fully customized with print.

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Mailer Box without Wings Icon

Mailer Box without Wings

MOQ: 100

A corrugated mailer box without the wings on the lid. The lid tucks inside the box to close.

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Mailer Box with Adhesive Strip Icon

Mailer Box with Adhesive

MOQ: 300

Add adhesives to your mailers for easy sealing and include a tear strip for easy opening.

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Folding Carton Boxes

Perfect as individual product boxes for lightweight items.

Folding Carton Box Straight Tuck End

Straight Tuck End Folding Cartons

MOQ: 30+

Both the top and bottom have tuck ends on the same ends of the box. Ideal if products can be inserted on either side of the box.

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Folding Carton Reverse Tuck End Icon

Reverse Tuck End Folding Cartons

MOQ: 30+

Both the top and bottom have tuck ends except on reverse ends on the box. Most popular choice by brands.

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Folding Carton Box with Snap Lock Bottom

Snap Lock Bottom Folding Cartons

MOQ: 30+

The bottoms of these boxes have 4 flaps that are folded into place to lock things in.

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Folding Carton Box with Auto Bottom

Auto Bottom Folding Cartons

MOQ: 300+

Two small parts of the bottom tabs are glued so that you can automatically snap the bottom into place. Ideal for slightly heavier products.

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