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Cylindrical Packaging Design Ideas

If you are considering paper tubes as a packaging option, these 5 cylindrical tube designs might just inspire you.

Mohana Madhurakavi
Mohana MadhurakaviLast updated Published 4 min read
Cylindrical Packaging Design Ideas

Packaging boxes and polymailer bags are the common and obvious choices for custom packaging solutions. But who says you can’t get creative with your packaging choices? Customers expect and are used to seeing boxes arrive at their doorstep and this is exactly where your brand can stand out by choosing new styles and solutions for your packaging.

Packaging tubes are gaining popularity in the packaging industry thanks to their unique shape and the growing need for subscription box companies to package items such as coffee, tea, or beauty products. Tube packaging is a versatile and innovative packaging solution that can be used for a wide range of products. The cylindrical design offers both an appealing aesthetic and a protective structure.

This week, we are going to explore the different packaging tube designs to help you get your creative juices flowing and give you the inspiration you need to design your own custom packaging solutions.

1 - Pchak

Pchak tube packaging design

Pchak is the brainchild of branding company Backbonebranding. The company claims that the idea for Pchak was one they had to make a reality. The design is eye-catching and gives the sense of the product without the need for labels or additional information.

The company wanted to give the users a sense that they could enjoy the harvested nut supplies and dried fruits all year long thanks to packaging that feels close to nature and organic.

2 - Nudel Pasta

Nudel Pasta includes fun designs and cartons all around the cylindrical tube. Even though colorful packaging and bold designs are not always associated with paste packaging, Nudel pasta has cleverly featured tasteful cartoons posing with pasta surrounded with contrasting shapes and colors.

Nudel pasta cardboard tube design

Since Nudel wants to emphasize on healthy lifestyle and the use of organic ingredients, the box is made of 100% recycled paper. Along with the eco-friendly packaging, the brand is also running an initiative that allows users to send the packaging back to the manufacture in order to ensure it is disposed of properly.

3 - The Seventh Duchess

The Seventh Duchess tube packaging design

The Seventh Duchess packages their teas in a cylindrical tube with a partial lid. With the sleek and modern design, they kissed their tin cans goodbye. The new design makes these teas giftable and perfect for display at any boutique or apothecary store.

The partial lid allows for contrast in color and is easier to enclose and open. With sophisticated font choices, minimalistic design, and the use of pastel colors, the brand aims to echos the themes of beauty and admiration.

4 - Chocolocuras

Chocolocuras has created this cheeky design to store their chocolates. The design includes the use of bold colors and whimsical characters to add some humor and whimsy to the entire product.  

Chocolocuras tube packaging for chocolates

Each cylinder contains two characters, who change bodies when the cap is turned. The design is placed carefully to ensure the turning of the tube cap facilitates the bodies changing. In a way, the packaging is a gamified experience indulging the customer even after the purchase decision. The man’s face on a woman’s body, the shark is a businessman, the entire packaging is a game, humourous and fun to play with.

5 - Jola

Jola is a brand that is aiming to make honey more desirable to younger generations. They package their honey in an unconventional way by packing it in small tubes perfect for mobility and packaged as per the recommended sizings. The kraft paper tube is the perfect eco-friendly choice to promote their organic honey.

Jola kraft paper tube packaging

The tube works similarly to a shoulder and neck rigid box, with the bit of the neck showing when the tube is enclosed. As an alternative to getting the label printed on the tube, you can also opt for stickers that would allow you to customize the labels and stick them onto the tube before shipping your product.

In addition, cardboard tube packaging combines the strength of cardboard with a unique cylindrical design, providing a robust and distinctive packaging solution. It's particularly useful for items that require extra protection or a distinctive presentation.


Packaging tubes are a fun and creative way to showcase your products and include an incredible unboxing experience. Check out our other Weekly Favorites to get inspired with more ways to build a killer unboxing experience.

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