Spacing for Box Inserts

Custom Box Inserts - Spacing Guidelines

Paper and Cardboard Inserts

When it comes to custom box inserts that are made of paper or cardboard, there must be a healthy amount of space between each product and the edges of the box.

If your products are too close together, your insert will be too flimsy, and therefore not sturdy enough to hold your products securely in place. There is also a much higher risk of the insert tearing because it's too thin.

When you're estimating the size of the box your products will need, be sure to account for enough space between each product and the edges of the box.

But don't worry, as part of our insert design process, our structural engineers will recommend the optimal spacing for your products in the insert(s) and optimal box size for your products.

Learn more about how to work with our team on the structural design of your custom box inserts.

Box Dividers and Foam Inserts

When it comes to box dividers and foam based inserts, there is more leeway and your products can be placed closer together as the structural nature of these two types of inserts are different.

Custom Box Inserts Spacing Best Practice