Structural Design for Packaging

Custom made structural design of inserts and boxes to fit your products securely.

Structural Design of Packaging Inserts

Custom box inserts, also known as packaging inlays, are a great way to secure your products inside your packaging. Whether you have one product or an assortment of products inside your box, custom inserts show that extra level of details and make for an impressive unboxing experience.

Our process

Send us your products and our structural engineering team will create the optimal insert design to fit your product(s), along with the accompanying box. Let us know how you'd like your products placed and we'll determine the ideal structure, amount of materials, and size of your packaging.

Types of inserts

  • Paper inserts: perfect for lightweight items
  • Corrugated inserts: perfect for slightly heavier items
  • Foam inserts: perfect for fragile items (cannot be printed on)
Custom Cardboard Packaging Insert
Custom Foam Insert

Structural Design of Display Boxes

Display boxes allow you to showcase your products to customers on a shelf, at an event, or at a retailer's location. Perfect for packaging and displaying food products like nutrition bars, beauty products like lip balms, and much more.

Our process

Send us your products and our structural engineering team will determine the optimal fit of your products inside your display box. Whether your products are to be stacked in two rows or lined up in one row, we'll determine the best size for a snug fit.

Types of display boxes

  • Hand packed: you'll be packing and sealing your display boxes by hand
  • Machine packed: you'll be sending your products and boxes to a packing facility where it'll be packed and sealed
SETBAR Custom Display Box Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to get started with structural design?

  1. Visit our Shop and submit your request for custom box inserts or display boxes. Share rough sketches or photos of your products laid out in the position you'd like them!
  2. Based on your requirements, we'll let you know how much the structural design service will cost and send you an invoice for payment.
  3. Mail your products to our office in Hong Kong, and we'll get started!

How long does the structural design process take?

Once we receive your products, structural design will take around 7-14 business days.

Do I need to send you my products to create a structural design?

Yes, we must have your products on hand in order to create a design that has been structurally tested with your products. Without your products, it's very difficult to create the perfect fit without testing it with your products.

How much does structural design cost?

The starting cost is USD 99 per structural design of the insert and/or box. For multiple insert designs, additional charges will apply. Submit your request on our Shop for a quote!

What's included in your structural design service?

We'll send you photos of the structural design we've created based on your requirements. Once you confirm on the design, we'll then send you the dieline of this design and a quote for your reference. If you want us to send you the physical structural sample, this will come at an additional charge.

Do you provide revisions of the initial structural design?

For minor revisions such as making the insert a tighter or looser fit, we include this as part of the initial cost. However, redesigns will be charged as a new structural design service. Redesigns can include changing the position of products or using a different insert or box type. Be sure to communicate your requirements clearly to us so that we're on the same page as you before we start the structural design process!

How do I know if I need your structural design service?

If you don't have a structurally tested insert or display box design, and you want us to create this based on your products, then this service is right for you! This service is also for unique types of packaging you'd like us to design. If you already have a structurally tested insert or box design, send us the dieline and we can provide a quote for you.

Request Structural Design Services

Let us know how you'd like to package your products with a custom box insert or display box and we'll get back to you soon!