Artwork Consulting

Artwork Consulting for Packaging

Whether you sell products online or in retail stores, your packaging design is an important aspect that can set you apart from competitors. It becomes the storyboard in which you can showcase your brand's vision and personality, while leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Service details

Before even considering your packaging design, it's important to first have your own logo and brand assets defined. Having brand guidelines to start with ensure there's continuity and consistency between your online brand presence and your offline packaging design.

Once we have an understanding of the products you're selling, along with your artwork assets or brand guidelines, we can provide tailored advice on the packaging design, such as:

  • What information should be included on your packaging.
  • What colors would work best in print compared to what's seen on screen.
  • What design add-ons (e.g. foil stamping, embossing) would work best depending on the material of your packaging.

All artwork will need to be added to a dieline template, which we provide to you after the purchase of a sample or production order. You can follow this dieline design checklist to see what would be required when it comes to designing on a dieline template.

Note: our team can also support you with artwork design modifications, such as changing text, adjusting colors, or moving elements around on the dieline. However, any assets or graphics that need to be created from scratch will need to be done through your preferred graphic designer or agency.