Dieline Design for Packaging

Our team will create a production-approved packaging dieline template for you to add your artwork to. These dieline files can be edited directly in Adobe Illustrator.

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Dieline Design Details

What's the process to get started with dieline design?

Simply fill in the required fields on the dieline design service page. We'll then get back to you with your request and send you an invoice for payment. Once payment is made, we'll begin!

How much does dieline design cost?

US$15 for mailer boxes, non-corrugated folding carton boxes, and sleeves. US$25 for corrugated folding carton boxes and tray and sleeve boxes. For other packaging types such as rigid boxes, display boxes, or custom box inserts, dielines are included as part of our structural design or sampling services.

How long does the dieline design process take?

2-4 business days.

Do you provide revisions of the dieline?

Revisions will be counted as a new dieline design service.

What format will the dieline be sent to me in?

We will send this to you in PDF format that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Do I need to buy a dieline design service if I'm ordering packaging from you?

Nope! We will include the dieline template for you to design on once you place an order with us.

Can I get my dieline design fee refunded?

We will fully refund the dieline design fee if you place a production order with us. The packaging type and size must be the same as the one purchased with the dieline design service in order to qualify for this refund.

Where can I download standard packaging dielines?

Download the dielines here for our standard mailer box and folding carton box sizes.

Dieline Design Request

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you with a quote!

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Standard mailer box
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