Platform Login Steps

How do I log in to the PackMojo Platform?

Having trouble logging into the PackMojo platform? If you haven't set a password for your account, follow these 3 simple steps to log in using a magic link.

1. Input your email

Visit the PackMojo Platform at, input your email in the Login screen, and click Continue.

Note: if you've previously submitted a request through our Shop, your account has already been set up for you and you don't need to sign up again!

PackMojo Platform Login Step 1 Input Email

2. Check your email

A confirmation window will then appear telling you to check your email.

PackMojo Platform Login Step 2 Check Email

Still having trouble logging in? 🤔

Email us at and we'll provide you with a unique, one-time log in link to access your account. Once you're in the platform, you'll be able to set a password for your account instead of using magic login links.