PackMojo Packaging Samples

Do you provide samples?

We certainly do! We understand the need for samples before you place your first order with us. That's why we provide different sampling options that serve different purposes.

View all sample options available here.

Popular Samples

PackMojo Custom Packaging Boxes

Sample Kit

5 pre-printed boxes to help you see what PackMojo's production-grade mailer boxes and folding carton boxes look like.

Structural Sample Rigid Box Full Cover

Structural Sample

1 blank structural sample of your packaging. Custom size, no print, no finishes, and includes 1 print proof.

Simplified Sample of a Kraft Mailer Box

Simplified Sample

1 printed sample to visualize what your final packaging would look like. Custom size with print, but no finishes.

Beams Coffee Starter Box Mailer Box

Pre-production Sample

1 production-grade sample of your packaging. Custom size, fully printed and includes finishes and add-ons.