Can you help design custom inserts for products?

Custom box inserts are a great way to secure your products inside your packaging. Whether you have one product or an assortment of products inside your box, custom inserts show that extra level of details and make for an impressive unboxing experience.

Type of Inserts

Determine the type of insert you're looking for, along with the type of box you'd like to go with it.

  • Paper inserts: perfect for lightweight items
  • Corrugated inserts: perfect for slightly heavier items
  • Foam inserts: perfect for fragile items

Note that foam inserts cannot be printed on.

Custom Cardboard Box Inserts
Custom Foam Insert

Submit a request for custom inserts

Let us know in detail what you're looking for when it comes to a custom box insert. Please share with us:

  • A list of all product(s)
  • Dimensions and weight of all product(s)
  • If your product(s) are fragile
  • Rough sketches/photos of how your product(s) should be positioned in the insert

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Structural Design Packaging Insert and Rigid Box

Purchase Structural Design Services

Once we have confirmed your requirements and your budget is within the estimated range our team has provided, we can then move forward with a structural design!

  1. Place your order for structural design
  2. Mail us your products to our office in Hong Kong

We must have your products on hand in order to create a structurally feasible insert. Otherwise, there's no way to guarantee that the insert will work with your product(s). Our address will be provided to you after structural design services have been purchased.

Purchase Structural Design

Bareaya Gift Box Custom Box Inserts

Our Structural Design Process

Once we receive your products, we'll send this to our structural engineering team in China to get started with the structural design. We'll create an insert design to fit your product(s) along with the accompanying box (5-7 business days).

Once the design is complete, we'll send you photos of the structural sample and mail it to you if requested. We can make adjustments and modifications to the initial insert design (which can take 2-3 business days), but any redesigns of the insert will be treated as a new structural design service.

Once the structural design of the insert is approved, we'll send you the finalized quote for the insert, along with a dieline file for the inserts and box (if any). When you're ready to place your production order, simply let us know!

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