Samples & services

Get help on samples, as well as our various services.


Can I purchase a sample before placing an order?

Absolutely! We have a range of sample types for different purposes. Whether you're looking to test the size of your box or want to verify colors and artwork, we've got you covered. Explore all sample options here.

Do you provide samples or digital proofs before starting production?

You can purchase a digital print proof or physical sample before placing your production order. Explore all sample options here.

Structural design

How long does the structural design process take?

Once we receive your products, structural design will take around 7-10 business days. Learn more here.

How much does structural design cost?

The starting cost is USD 99 per structural design of the insert and/or box. For multiple insert designs, additional charges will apply.

What's included in your structural design service?

We'll send you photos of the structural design we've created based on your requirements. Once you confirm on the design, we'll then send you the dieline of this design and a quote for your reference. If you want us to send you the physical structural sample, this will come at an additional charge.

Do you provide revisions of the initial structural design?

For minor revisions such as making the insert a tighter or looser fit, we include this as part of the initial cost. However, redesigns will be charged as a new structural design service. Redesigns can include changing the position of products or using a different insert or box type. Be sure to communicate your requirements clearly to us so that we're on the same page as you before we start the structural design process!

Do I need to send you my products to create a structural design?

Yes, we must have your products on hand in order to create a design that has been structurally tested with your products. Without your products, it's very difficult to create the perfect fit without testing it with your products.