Samples & services

Get help on samples, as well as our various services.


Can I purchase a sample before placing an order?

Absolutely! We have a range of sample types for different purposes. Whether you're looking to test the size of your box or want to verify colors and artwork, we've got you covered. Explore all sample options here.

Do you provide samples or digital proofs before starting production?

You can purchase a digital print proof or physical sample before placing your production order. Explore all sample options here.

Structural design

How long does the structural design process take?

Once we have your products on hand and the scope of the design is confirmed, it typically takes about 7 days for the initial design to be complete.

How much does structural design cost?

We offer a range of structural design service packages that start from US$ 199. Learn more here.

What is counted as a revision?

Revisions are any changes that were not discussed or considered within the initial discussion of the design. This includes modifications such as changing packaging types, material, size requirements, or the orientation and position of products. However, corrections needed to fix structural issues, such as adjusting the tightness of the lid, box closure, or insert cutout sizes, will not be considered as revisions.

Why do I need to send my products to you?

Designing an insert structure that securely holds each product and accommodates variations in size, shape, and weight distribution is challenging without physical samples. Some products may require additional supporting structures, and without the actual products, achieving an optimal and snug fit to prevent product displacement becomes more difficult. By having the products on hand, we can ensure a customized and secure solution for your products.

How long do revisions take?

This depends on the scope of the revision. Smaller changes can be as quick as 2-4 days, and larger changes may take up to 7 days.

Can I purchase samples that aren’t included in my service package?

Absolutely! These will be charged at the same rate you see it here.

What is a partial sample kit?

A partial sample kit consists of 1 or 2 examples of packaging that we've previously produced. It serves as a reference on the production quality for a similar product.

Where will I need to send my products to?

Your products will need to be sent to either our office in Hong Kong or China. If your products are manufactured in China, your manufacturer can send your products to us directly.

What are the differences between each sample?

Full descriptions of each sample type can be found here.