Samples & services

Get help on samples, as well as our various design services.


Do you provide samples?

Yes! We have different sampling options for different purposes. Sampling options include a sample kit, unprinted structural samples, printed Simplified Samples, or pre-production samples.

Structural design

How much does structural design cost?

The base cost for structural design is USD 99, which includes 1 box and/or 1 insert design. For additional inserts, the cost is USD 39 per insert design. For example, the structural design of 1 box and 3 insert designs will cost USD 177 (USD 99 + USD 39 + USD 39). Learn more here.

Artwork design

Can you help design my artwork for me?

Absolutely! Check out our artwork design services here.

What is required to get started with artwork design?

Simply fill in the required fields on the artwork design page to get started! Please note that dieline templates for mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, and sleeves can be provided at no additional cost. For other packaging types, you will first need to purchase a structural design of that packaging type (e.g. rigid box, insert, tray and sleeve box), which is required for us to begin artwork design on the correct template.

How much does artwork design cost?

USD 99 for 1 packaging design on 1 dieline template. Learn more here.

Dieline design

What's included in dieline design services?

We'll create a production-approved dieline in Adobe Illustrator for mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, and sleeves. For rigid boxes, inserts, and tray and sleeve boxes, please order our Structural Design services. Learn more here.

What is required to get started with dieline design?

Dieline design for USD 15 is only available for mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, and sleeves. Simply fill in the form on the dieline design page here! For dielines of other box types, please purchase our structural design services, which will include a dieline.

How much does dieline design cost?

USD 15 for mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, and sleeve dieline designs. For all other packaging types, such as rigid boxes, tray and sleeve boxes, and inserts, a dieline is included with structural design (USD 99). Learn more here.