Glossary: Bioplastic vs Biodegradable Plastic

Bioplastic vs. Biodegradable plastic


Bioplastic packaging is made of plastics that are sourced from plants or other biological material. These include vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, woodchips, sawdust, recycled food waste, etc. These sources are converted into polylactic acids (PLAs) to make bioplastic. It is considered safe and most commonly used in food packaging.

Biodegradable plastic

Biodegradable plastic packaging is a responsible choice that considers the environment. It's an important step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

However, biodegradable plastic is made of petroleum-based materials, which contains additives that allow the plastic to break more easily. Unlike bioplastics, biodegradable plastic packaging can leave behind toxic materials on decomposition.

Bioplastic vs Biodegradable Plastic