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One essential fact about the supplements industry is that it is growing rapidly. In the United States alone, the supplements industry is estimated to be worth over $50 billion and is projected to continue to grow in the coming years. With the increasing popularity of supplements, having the right packaging is essential for success.

Packaging has therefore become an important factor when it comes to selling supplements. Nowadays, consumers are looking for convenience, safety, and shelf appeal. They want packages that are easy to open and close, safe, and attractive. Companies are responding by offering packages with tamper-resistant features, eco-friendly materials, child-proof caps, and attractive designs. With so many options, choosing the right packaging for supplements can be a challenge.

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An Overview on Supplements Packaging

The supplements industry is in constant expansion [Source]. From customized vitamins packs to performance enhancers, supplements are sold in pharmacies, grocery stores, and online. A variety of different products are on the market including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal supplements, and sports supplements.

As a whole, the supplements industry has been growing in recent years, especially in the case of weight loss supplements for women & men, children's supplements, and general health supplements. This growth has led to an increase in competition, packaging production as well as new innovations in packaging that cater to specific needs within the industry.

From a business perspective, supplement packaging is an important part of the final product: it is an integral part of what the end-customer will see and it should be designed carefully. In such competitive market, packaging for supplements is an investment that should reflect the quality of the product inside.

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Are supplements FDA regulated?

In the United States, supplements are regulated by the FDA as “foods”, not as “drugs” [Source]. In many cases, supplements can contain ingredients with strong effects that may interact with other medications or medical conditions that you may have. Always consult with your health practitioner before starting any new health protocol or taking a dietary supplement.

Common Issues with Supplement Packaging and How to Fix Them

Cheap or unappealing packaging can be a major issue when it comes to marketing supplements. Poor design and package quality can lead to low sales, as well as low customer satisfaction. The best type of supplement packaging is one that is easy to open & reseal, as well as tamper-evident.

The following are some common issues with supplement packaging and how to fix them:

  1. Poorly designed or unappealing packaging: a poor design can cause people to avoid the product or purchase it only because they feel “obligated”. A good design, on the other hand, can attract customers and grab their attention without even looking at the price tag!
  2. In order to create an appealing box for supplements, you should use colors that are bright and bold, have clear messaging, and use high quality images with simple backgrounds. This will allow you to increase the perceived value, and potentially raise your final product price.
  3. You should also include important information such as ingredients and benefits of using the product on your packaging, so that customers know exactly what they are buying.
  4. If your packaging is difficult to open on a daily basis, customers will end up having a negative experience and may consider alternative options from your competitors the next time they need the same type of supplement.
  5. To avoid this, you can design and create beautiful packaging that is custom, versatile and feels “premium” at PackMojo.
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