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Collab Packaging: Top Picks

Explore the exciting blend of brands teaming up with iconic movies & TV shows to create packaging that's both nostalgic & innovative. The unique designs capture the essence of the collaborations and turn the unboxing experience into a memorable event that resonates with fans and collectors.

Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeLast updated Published 4 min read
Collab Packaging: Top Picks

This week’s favorites are creative designs and packaging that are sure to turn some heads! Movies and TV shows are huge influences for creativity and this week we have a list of some fun collabs to inspire your custom packaging ideas. These exciting collabs feature well-known characters from popular franchises that have pioneered popular culture for many years. With recognizable characters from childhood favorites, this list will definitely bring up some great memories!

1 - The Nightmare Before Christmas x Revolution Beauty

The Nightmare Before Christmas Revolution collab
Source: Nylon

Spooky season is here and what better way to celebrate than to dress up for the occasion? Revolution Beauty is bringing this Disney classic to life with a whole new makeup line. The makeup pouches, brushes, and palettes are all adorned with fan favorite characters. The dark colors and skeleton packaging perfectly matches the Halloween mood. The highlighter containers are magnetic rigid boxes that close tightly so that the powders do not run loose. Some eyeshadow colors and all the highlighters have Jack Skellington’s face on them through a technique called ‘embossing’ which is the process of creating a raised image on paper and other materials. Embossing and debossing are good ways to add texture and uniqueness to custom packaging.

2 - Dragon Ball Z x G-Shock

Dragon Ball Z G Shock collab in red packaging
Source: Casio

Casio is partnering with Dragon Ball Z to bring themed G-Shock watches. One thing to note is the solid orange from the anime and the white lettering. The contrast of these colors give the packaging a clean look. The square folding box is a perfect fit for the watch container. The little divot on the front of the box is for hassle-free opening. Notice how the orange and white are simple while the watch design is quite intricate. The packaging highlights and emphasizes the details of the product, letting it speak for itself.

3 - Legos x Adidas and Star Wars x Adidas

Adidas is collaborating with both Legos and Star Wars to bring two new shoe designs. The Star Wars packaging accentuates the space theme, and the rainbow colors of the Lego packaging highlights endless creativity. These two pairs of shoes both encapsulate the essence of their respective franchises.

Star Wars Chewbacca shoes and packaging
Source: Adidas

The Star Wars shoes feature Chewbacca, one of the most beloved characters in the series. These brown furry shoes are strapped with his signature bandolier and metal charms on the bottom of the laces. The folding box shoebox contains art of the character and leaves a hole for one of the shoes to showcase the fur.

Adidas Lego collab packaging
Source: Design Boom

The rainbow accents all throughout the Lego shoes emphasize child-like creativity. The shoebox cleverly utilizes the lego bricks to encourage innovation and building. The packaging is a unique display of a rigid box with a removable lid. Rigid boxes are great for containing shoes, clothes, and other medium-sized items.

4 - Neon Genesis Evangelion x OPPO

Oppo Enco w31 packaging
Source: XDA Developers

OPPO is creating Neon Genesis Evangelion themed phone cases, earbuds, batteries, and watches. This wide rigid box is great for containing and displaying the earbuds and case. The yellows and greys on the packaging matches the hints of color on the product.

Oppo ace2 banner
Source: XDA Developers

This futuristic-looking tray and sleeve box fits the robotic themes of the show. It holds just enough space for the phone case. The little loop at the end ensures easy pulling. Customers will keep this creative packaging even after using the product.

Oppo watch packaging
Source: XDA Developers

The packaging for this watch serves as a container as well as a display. The two part rigid box draws the eye to the middle where the watch is displayed. The red and black matches the outer packaging, maintaining consistency.

These collaborations that feature popular characters from all over pop culture highlights many of the creative aspects of packaging and design. They give us a chance to reminiscence over childhood memories though everyday items.

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