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The Role of Packaging in Cosmetic Branding

In the cosmetic industry’s competitive landscape, packaging can be the key to cosmetic branding. Join us as we explore how packaging can be leveraged to effectively communicate a brand’s core values and mission to capture the attention of numerous buyers.

Charmaine Luk
Charmaine LukLast updated Published 6 min read
The Role of Packaging in Cosmetic Branding

With 55% of first impressions being determined by what we see, it comes as no surprise that in an industry so largely based on visual products—such as the cosmetics industry, visual appearance is key to branding. It only takes a consumer 50 milliseconds to make a judgement on the visual appeal of a product, highlighting the importance of cosmetic packaging design in a brand’s ability to make a strong first impression. With 48% of consumers reporting that their initial purchase decision was most critical in developing loyalty with a brand, it’s clear that first impressions are key in a brand’s ability to attract and retain customers.

For many consumers, their first interaction with a brand happens through packaging - whether that's while they’re roaming the aisles of cosmetic stores, browsing online shops or scrolling through social platforms. According to Ipsos, an astounding 72% of American consumers state that product packaging designs influence their purchase decisions. This reveals that in today’s oversaturated market, having eye-catching and on-brand packaging solutions are vital to gaining buyers’ attention and generating positive perceptions of a brand’s quality and value. With these factors working synergistically, product packaging plays a central role in cosmetic branding and ultimately driving sales.

Luma Candles packaging

The Relationship Between Cosmetic Packaging and Brand Recognition

Packaging provides beauty brands an impactful way to communicate their core values and personality to customers. As it’s often the earliest representation of a brand’s identity, unique and recognizable packaging can help consumers easily identify a brand’s products from previous sightings. According to a study done by the University of Loyola, using consistent color schemes can greatly boost recall by increasing brand recognition by 80%. With people 81% more likely to recall a brand’s color than its name, strategic choice of color and packaging design is imperative.

One of our customers, Arrae, achieves this through the harmony of designs across their product line. Their minimal yet refined folding carton packaging in feminine neutral pastel tones are paired with subtle foil-stamping touches to reflect their premium and clean formulas.

Arrae Folding Carton Boxes

Similarly, Supergoop! capitalizes on a signature bright yet bold yellow and navy color pairing to ensure their SPF-focused products are easily identifiable on shelves. 

For a more monotone design, check out another one of our customers–Palms, who uses die-cuts on a tray and sleeve box as a creative alternative that still allows their packaging to be easily distinguishable. 

Palms Soap Packaging

Today’s social platforms also provide marketing opportunities for products with out-of-the-box designs. Research shows that 40% of shoppers will share unique or branded designs across their social channels allowing brands to leverage on word-of-mouth exposure to grow their reach and gain more attention. With aligned branding across product lines, cosmetic companies can foster brand recognition to establish a strong market presence. 

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Packaging as a Persuasive Tool

Cosmetic packaging plays a significant role in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. One study found around 73% of purchasing selections are made at the point of sale. An exceptional design makes a product and brand stand out, giving them a certain perception in the consumer's mind and often making them the obvious choice for buyers during their decision making process.

Attractive packaging may even trigger impulse buys. Research discovered that aesthetic and appealing packaging stimulated brain regions tied to impulsivity and elicited reward responses. Designing elegant packaging to leverage this reward-seeking behavior may increase customers' receptiveness to a brand’s products. You may choose to take advantage of strategic embellishments such as foil stamping, embossing, spot UV as well as different coatings and finishes to further the aesthetic of your products. 

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The Role of Beauty Packaging in Preserving Product Quality

As the beauty industry shifts toward premium and sustainable materials, protecting products during transport becomes increasingly important. Cosmetic packaging must go beyond a luxurious look and feel, but must additionally protect its contents from damage. Custom inserts serve a dual purpose - adding an elegant final touch while cushioning items within. Working with engineering experts to ensure proper insert sizing guarantees safe delivery and maintain product integrity. This detail in product protection can further demonstrate a brand’s meticulous attention to detail, create a seamless experience for buyers, and establish a stronger sense of customer trust and satisfaction.

Recanto Wellness Custom Inserts Packaging

Guide to Designing Cosmetic Packaging

Standing out from competitors requires identifying what uniquely defines your brand and the story you want to share. Beyond aligning with your identity, consider your goals, target audiences, key selling points and what you want customers to know about your brand. At PackMojo, we believe that packaging is more than just a box and can be used to tell a brand’s story. With only a split second before a customer moves onto the next product on the shelf, think about how you can effectively communicate to the buyer what makes your brand special. 

Elicit Emotional Responses With Colour

Color plays a significant role in shaping first impressions and perceptions of a brand. Since different colors can evoke different emotional responses, looking into color theory can provide valuable insights for strategically aligning designs with your branding. For example, pastel shades often reflect feelings of gentleness and renewal due to their connection to easter and spring. On the other hand, neutral earthy tones tend to connect with ideas of naturalness and grounding.

Earth Tone Packaging Origins

Leverage Sustainable Materials

67% of customers factor in packaging materials when making purchase decisions. With sustainability increasingly becoming a priority for consumers, 55% of US consumers are deeply concerned about the environmental impact of product packaging. Sustainable packaging materials are now well sought out with 50% of US consumers willing to pay more for them and over 63% claiming that paper packaging appears more attractive thus making the product seem more premium. Consider leveraging sustainable materials such as kraft packaging which is an eco-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on durability.

Make Intentional Typography Choices

Subtle details can also affect lasting impressions. Font choices can alter assumptions a buyer makes about your brand or product. For example, serif typefaces can communicate values of tradition and establishment through the classic styling, whereas sans serif variations place emphasis on modern simplicity and clarity. Meanwhile, cursive or script fonts may appear more feminine compared to bolded or all-caps fonts which exude masculinity. 

Experiment With Packaging Add-Ons

With cosmetics, you want your products to look premium. 61% of consumers are more likely to buy a luxury product that comes in premium-looking packaging. Implement finishes or add enhancements to your packaging that enrich dimensionality and tactility. For example, you may consider foil stamping or embossing to heighten the luxurious feel or a soft touch or satin finish to achieve a more upscale look.

The Functions of Cosmetic Packaging

In today's saturated beauty markets, strategically designed packaging plays a pivotal role in standing out. As a consumers' first impression of a brand, a well-designed product packaging acts to capture the fleeting attention of buyers whilst communicating a brand’s core values and personality. A beautifully designed product packaging will resonate with its target demographic furthering brand loyalty and driving sales. Luxuriously crafted packaging appears to have a higher perceived value thus making buyers think highly of the product within and can assist in justifying high price points whilst reassuring consumers in their product choice.

In an industry where trust is invaluable, thoughtfully designed packaging can also support a brand’s reputation. Packaging can be used to authentically reflect information about the product within. Transparency on labels can appeal to consumers seeking reliable partners. Research found that 74% of consumers felt that transparency in product labeling helped them further their trust with a brand and 94% of consumers were more likely to be loyal with brands that offer transparency. This highlights the importance of direct and clear messaging on the packaging of cosmetic products in cultivating customer loyalty within the highly competitive market.

Living Lab Packaging Label

Closing Thoughts

Within the beauty industry’s oversaturated market, packaging can prove to be a strategic investment. For cosmetic companies, packaging goes beyond aesthetics and can be leveraged to influence consumer behaviors, shape brand image, and elevate market positioning. By thoughtfully designing cosmetic packaging, brands can empower their products to stand out as the best choice for consumers whilst simultaneously utilizing packaging as an impactful storytelling tool for their brand’s core values. 

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