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Maximizing the Potential of Packaging With Custom Box Inserts

Looking for a way to bring your packaging to the next level? Custom box inserts are the packaging triple threat. Join us as we explore how they can transform your packaging and benefit your brand as a whole.

Charmaine Luk
Charmaine LukPublished 5 min read
Maximizing the Potential of Packaging With Custom Box Inserts

The impact of packaging goes beyond a simple container for your products. According to Ipsos, 72% of American consumers claim that packaging design will significantly impact their decision to purchase certain products. Thus, brands need to maximize the potential of their packaging to cultivate stronger customer acquisition and retention. Box inserts are a simple yet effective way for brands to elevate their packaging as they come with numerous benefits. 

Custom box inserts have the ability to act as a medium for educating consumers and fostering brand loyalty. Their addition to your packaging can instantly boost the elegance of your packaging and your brand whilst fulfilling the crucial function of protecting your products. Ultimately, they add to the presentation of your products and make your customers feel as though you have put immense thought and attention into the construction of your packaging and their experience with your brand.

Custom Box Inserts Bike Saddle Angle Adjuster Aenomaly Constructs PackMojo

Custom Box Inserts as a Communication Tool 

With packaging as a tool to communicate brand values and product information to your customers, having custom box inserts means increased printable space for your messaging. The maximized printable real estate allows you to share valuable information regarding your product, brand, ingredients, safety measures or even act as an instructional guide. Not only can the cohesive branding used on your insert help to reinforce your brand identity, but it can also show a level of additional care to your customers. 

Transparency of manufacturing processes and product information are highly valued by customers with 94% of consumers more likely to become loyal to brands that offer clear and accurate information to their buyers. Along with the cohesive branding, the level of care taken to educate your customers can help to build trust with buyers. The demonstrated transparency and communication can help to foster an authentic relationship with your buyers, allowing them to feel assured that your products are worth any investment made. With one-time buyers aligning with brand values and turning into returning customers, brands can therefore boost their brand loyalty and authority.

Nēmah is a US-based brand that provides a wide range of sustainable and vegan skincare products. They use their custom box inserts to not only share product information but also brand ethos and safety claims. Their use of cohesive color allows the custom box insert to seamlessly blend in with the custom mailer box while acting to elevate the presentation of their baby wash and lotion. As a product designed for babies it is crucial for them to assure mothers of the product's safety. With the help of the custom box insert, they’re able to aesthetically and effectively do this without making the information on the packaging feel overly cramped.

Nēmah Custom Box Insert for Information and Transparency PackMojo

Custom Box Inserts as an Aesthetic Tool

Placing care into securing products during transport shows care placed on your products, immediately communicating a sense of quality and luxury. Adding custom box inserts with cohesive branding can leave lasting impressions during the unboxing experience helping you differentiate your brand and product within a crowded market. Enhancing your presentation and perceived value with high-quality packaging can help your products get a competitive edge when buyers are deciding between similar products.

40% of consumers share images of their purchases on social media. Custom box inserts can help to increase a packaging’s share-worthy factor, enabling brands to tap into the limitless marketing potential of social media. With well-designed packaging, brands can leverage word-of-mouth marketing to gain greater brand recognition and reach wider audiences. Custom box inserts can also help to transform simple packaging into exciting and memorable unboxing experiences. With 55% of consumers who watch unboxing videos convinced to make purchases, it is clear that investing in packaging can help brands sway consumers’ purchase decisions as well.

Studio Ethur Ethur is a design agency that helped design a complete packaging concept for Solento Tequila's 4th SKU, Extra Anejo. To appeal to a more mature, upscale, and refined audience, they chose to use satin-lined foam inserts in a magnetic rigid box to provide an elegant and premium unboxing experience. Their attention to detail placed into ensuring the exact fit of the tequila and glasses allows the packaging to achieve a sleek, sophisticated, and share-worthy appearance.

Studio Ethur Ethur Solento Tequila Satin Custom Box Inserts PackMojo

Custom Box Inserts as a Functional Tool

With the help of a structural design team, custom box inserts can cradle your products perfectly, ensuring their safe delivery to their final destination. The snug fit that prevents movement and minimizes the risk of damage makes custom box inserts a reliable protective packaging solution for electronics, fragile items, or luxury goods. The protected transport of your goods can not only help to up the value of your products they can significantly reduce the risk of damage and thus costs that are associated with replacements or repairs. With the added protection and decrease in risk of damage, custom box inserts can help to increase your brand perception and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, custom box inserts can help to ensure greater organization when there are multiple items within a package. Particularly when it comes to kits or sets, it ensures that each piece is easily located therefore reducing the likelihood of items being overlooked. This can therefore add value to your product by helping to curate a user-friendly experience with your products and packaging.

Nail Deck is a beauty brand that creates bespoke nail lacquers to celebrate individual uniqueness through color. The packaging designed for their lacquer kit consists of a mailer box fitted with a custom box insert. With the help of our structural design team, Nail Deck was able to design a custom insert that perfectly cradles various glass bottles not only visually organizing them for easy use but also protecting them during transit.

Nail Deck Protection Organization Custom Box Inserts PackMojo

Closing Thoughts

Custom box inserts can offer numerous benefits to your packaging and your brand. With increased opportunities for messaging, the ability to create a luxurious unboxing experience and protect your products, custom box inserts are the perfect addition to any packaging. Due to their largely protective ability, we often see custom inserts used when it comes to luxury beauty products, bespoke candles, elaborate electronics and intricate healthcare products. However, their ability to increase the perceived value of products, encourage greater brand loyalty, and boost customer satisfaction makes them a suitable choice for a wide range of industries. 

PackMojo’s structural design service makes it easy to get affordable, sustainable, and high-quality custom box inserts that perfectly cradle your products allowing you to create impactful first impressions. Custom-built for your products, we handle all the technical aspects of designing the ultimate custom box insert for your products. Get started by exploring custom inserts with PackMojo today!

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