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5 Reasons You Need Branded Packaging

In today's saturated market, generic packaging simply doesn't cut it anymore. You also need to stand out to keep your customers locked in. That's why branded packaging is key - It not only helps to differentiate your products from competitors, but also reinforces brand loyalty.

Mohana Madhurakavi
Mohana MadhurakaviLast updated Published 5 min read
5 Reasons You Need Branded Packaging

With the amount of content on the internet and social media, every brand is fighting for a spot at the top of their customers’ mind. It’s getting more and more competitive for brands, especially eCommerce brands, to stay relevant and keep customers locked in. Hence, it is important to make the post-purchase experience truly memorable.

“Our products are great and that is enough to bring customers back.”

Sure, your products might sell-themselves. However, you not only want to sell your products to your customers but also your whole brand. To do this, you need to make a great first impression.  

Yes, you guessed right! Branded packaging is a great way to make that first impression. However, in this day and age, a simple brown carton won’t cut it. Specifically, in the case of eCommerce brands, the lack of a physical store makes it all the more difficult to build a connection with your customers.

61% of consumers say that branded packaging gets them more excited about receiving the products. Branded packaging is a sure shot way to make that killer first impression. Branded packaging is simply a branding strategy that is translated into your packaging. It is unique to your company in terms of design and experience. Branding your packaging ensures consistency, attracts an audience, and is a way for your customers to remember your brand. It usually includes a visual aesthetic, customized and personalized aspects, high-quality materials, and a great unboxing experience (Click here to see our guide on creating an unboxing experience). These things do make branded packaging more expensive than regular, unprinted packaging. However, it is an investment we can guarantee will result in tremendous returns.

Here are 5 reasons you need branded packaging and how it can help your brand.

  1. Influences your customers to purchase your products
  2. Brings your customers back for more
  3. Free publicity and word of mouth
  4. Functionality
  5. A medium to communicate with your customers

1 - Branded packaging influences your customers to purchase your products

Nail Deck custom nail polish packaging window

72% of Americans say that packaging design influenced their purchasing decisions. We often do consider buying something that catches our eye or looks appealing. The visual aspect of your packaging is the first thing your customers will notice and the more you stand out, the better.

Using bright colors and distinct tones and shades can invoke feelings and influences their perception of your products. In fact, about 90% of the buyers make snap judgments about the products they want to buy on the basis of the color. In the case of eCommerce brands and subscription boxes, this can help make up for the lack of being able to physically handle the products before buying them.

2 - Branded packaging brings your customers back for more

Ilo reverse tuck end folding carton box

Branded packaging can help retain your customers and build brand loyalty. There are far too many brands your customers can spend their money on. But, for them to keep choosing your products, you will need more than just a great product and timely delivery.

In addition to these elements, custom packaging can add that ‘wow’ factor that brings them back for more. It’s a great way to build a relationship even as an online store. Personalizing your packaging for the customers extends the relationship with them even after they have paid for the purchase and received the product. A report by Dotcom Distribution claimed that 52% were more likely to repeat the purchase if your packaging had a premium look and feel and customized packaging for your brand is something that can help you achieve that.

3 - Free publicity and word of mouth

Nail Deck custom packaging Instagram

With a high-quality unboxing experience, your customers will not hesitate to be advocates for your brand. Research shows that 50% of customers are more likely to recommend a product to a friend if it came in branded packaging. Your customers might even share their unboxing experience or photos on their social media which acts as a marketing tool for you to leverage by re-sharing and acknowledging your customers. In fact, Dotcom Distribution’s report also states that 40% of consumers will share an image of your packaging on social media if it was unique or branded. This will not only help attract more customers but also create a sense of trust and credibility for your products.

4 - Functionality

Bareaya gift set custom box inserts

Customized packaging allows you to be functional when it comes to packing your products. To be able to design your packaging means you get to decide on how big or small the box needs to be along with additional features such as custom inserts, stickers, etc. Additionally, choosing eco-friendly and recyclable packaging can help promote your brand as sustainable and trustworthy alongside the production of less waste. Ensuring your packaging is aesthetic only adds value to your brand.

5 - A medium to communicate with your customers

Muse Illuminate custom mailer box opened

Your packaging is the ideal location to put down your brand story. It is a great way to communicate with your customers. You can also put down information about the products, after all, it is the first thing your customers will see. Including personalized thank you note makes your customers feel special and gives them the feeling of belonging to your brand community. Some brands even choose to include information on NGOs or causes they are supporting as a way to get their customers to contribute as well. Communication does not need to take place with the use of words. The materials you use to make your packaging and the add-ons such as embossing and customer inserts convey the effort put into designing your packaging which gives your brand an upscale feel.

There is simply no reason to undermine packaging when you’ve put in so much effort into your products. A little creativity and care go a long way in branded packaging and creates long-lasting relationships with your customers.

If we have convinced you of the benefits branded packaging can bring to your business, here are some examples that can inspire you to get started on designing your packaging.

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