Easyship is a shipping platform connecting merchants to their customers worldwide. Access discounted rates from global couriers, or link your own carrier accounts. With Easyship, you'll be able to connect as many platforms as you like and see all required taxes, duties, and courier fees up front for every shipment. Best of all, it's free for small businesses.

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Why use Easyship?

  • Access pre-negotiated shipping solutions from couriers around the world with just one account, or link your own courier accounts (including Fedex, UPS, DHL and more) and use your own rates.
  • Sync orders and print labels with one click.
  • Offer transparent tracking, let your customers track orders in real time.
  • Maintain control of your finances by downloading past invoices, receipts, and transactions statements.
  • See exact import tax, VAT, GST and other fees upfront so there are no surprises.
  • Get accurate, complete Customs documentation and avoid issues and delays with your shipments.

Exclusive offer for the PackMojo Community

New customers get US$25 in shipping credit with code: HQHYS3.