Glossary: Void Fillers

What are void fillers in packaging?

A void filler is the additional material that that's used to fill the empty space inside your packaging. Void fillers help keep your product in place, prevent it from being shifted around during transit, and also protects your products from breaking. To choose the right type of void filler for your packaging, you'll need to consider how well it cushions your products, how much padding/protection your product needs, and the weight of your product.

Common Types of Void Fillers:

  • Paper: one of the most cost effective solutions would be to use crinkled paper such as newspaper, kraft paper, or tissue paper to fill the empty space in your packaging.
  • Wraps: bubble wrap or eco-friendly corrugated wraps are often used to wrap glass objects and other fragile items.
  • Foam sheets: adds a layer of soft cushioning which are great for glass items.
  • Packing peanuts: loose-fill packaging and cushioning used to protect fragile objects during shipping.

Consider also using custom box inserts to keep your products in place when shipping!

Void Filler Kraft Paper