Shoulder & Neck Rigid Box Dimension Requirements

Shoulder and Neck Rigid Box Dimensions

A shoulder and neck rigid box is a standard 2-piece rigid box with a separate lid and base, with the addition of a tray that is glued inside the base of the box. The main appeal of a shoulder and neck rigid box is that it can be designed so that the neck of the box can be seen when the box is closed (i.e. the lid is on). However, you can also choose to have the lid cover the neck completely.

Dimensions Required

When submitting a request for a quote, please include the following information (see photo for reference):

  1. Length of the box
  2. Width of the box
  3. Height of the box
  4. Height of the lid
  5. Height of the visible neck when the box is closed
  6. Height of the base
  7. Print/design: will there be anything printed on the outside and inside* of the box?

Note: if you want a different color other than white on the inside of the lid and base, this would be considered printed. Please refer to this page on what it means to print on both sides of a rigid box, and what is considered blank.

PackMojo Shoulder and Neck Rigid Box Sizing Guide