Does net weight include packaging?

Does net weight include packaging?

It depends. Net weight can refer to two measurements, depending on the context and regulations. In some cases, net weight includes the weight of the packaging, while in other cases, it refers only to the weight of the product itself, excluding the packaging.

When net weight includes packaging, it indicates the total weight that customers are purchasing. This can be due to regulations and labeling requirements of specific industries, and manufacturers need to state whether the net weight includes the packaging. This is typically printed on the packaging, such as "Net Weight: X grams (including packaging)".

When net weight excludes packaging, it only counts the weight of the product. For example, a jar of lotion would only include the weight of the lotion and not the jar. Net weight that excludes packaging is most common, as the purpose is to provide information about the actual amount of the product, separate from the packaging materials.

Please read product labels carefully to determine whether the net weight includes packaging or not. The specific regulations regarding net weight labeling may vary by country or region, and manufacturers must follow the applicable guidelines to ensure accurate information is provided to customers.