How to dispose of styrofoam packaging

Disposing of styrofoam packaging

Styrofoam packaging is often made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), the foam form of polystyrene. Though styrofoam is a lightweight and versatile packaging solution, its makeup makes it difficult to find the correct avenues to dispose of it, so most of it often ends up in a landfill.

When it comes to trying to recycle styrofoam, it can be difficult as it may not be able to be recycled by your regular curbside recycling programs. Some recycling centers may specialize in or accept styrofoam for recycling, but prior research and physical drop-offs are often required.

Styrofoam can be reused as packing peanuts in shipping or donated to shipping stores for their use. Other creative solutions include using them for drainage in potted plants or as a form of insulation. Another common way to repurpose it is by turning it into glue by combining it with acetone.

Unfortunately, if none of these options are available or feasible, the styrofoam will likely find its way to a landfill. However, since styrofoam can often take up lots of space and is usually non-biodegradable, those who are looking for sustainable options may consider exploring other materials for their packaging needs.