How is the adhesive on packaging tape activated?

How the adhesive on packaging tape works

Packaging tape is activated by applying pressure, which triggers the adhesive to bond with the material. This is achieved by firmly pressing the tape against a surface, allowing the adhesive to flow and conform to the irregularities of the material. The adhesive used in packaging tape is typically a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), known for its ability to stick at room temperature without needing additional heat or moisture. PSAs contain polymers with adhesive and cohesive properties, enabling them to adhere to surfaces and themselves.

While various types of packaging tape are available, the most common ones, such as acrylic or hot-melt adhesive tape, rely on pressure as the activation mechanism. It's important to note that different tapes may have additional features, such as water-activated adhesives that require moistening for activation. However, in general, applying pressure initiates the bonding process, allowing the adhesive to securely hold the tape in place.