Mailer Box Prices: Height

How does height affect the price of mailer boxes?

If you've had a chance to use PackMojo Essentials to get instant prices for mailer boxes, you may have noticed that even small adjustments in the height of your mailer box can cause a pretty big difference in the unit price. We're here to explain why that is.

Increasing Height = More Materials Required

By looking at the dieline of a box, you can see that there are many areas of the box that are affected by changes in height (labeled with the pink H below). In this example, by simply increasing the height from 1.5" to 3.25" (a 1.75" increase), you can see how much more material is required to produce this mailer box (represented in the green section). Therefore, the prices between these 2 box sizes would be noticeably different.

Mailer Box Height Increase Comparison Mockup

What about length and width?

Increases in length and width do not have the same impact on total materials required when comparing to increases in height. Take a look at the example below. By keeping height the same while increasing length and width by 1", there isn't a significant difference in the additional materials required. Therefore, the prices between these 2 boxes sizes would be fairly similar.

Mailer Box Length and Width Increase Comparison Mockup

In summary

Height impacts the price of a mailer box much more significantly than the length or width. If you want to keep costs down, figure out how to best position your products in order to have the height of your mailer box as low as possible. To get instant prices on mailer boxes, visit PackMojo Essentials.