What is bulk packaging?

Bulk packaging defined: uses & industry standards

Bulk packaging is when goods are packaged in large quantities, often in larger containers for bulk-use purposes, instead of packaged in individual-sized packaging. Common examples of products sold in bulk packaging include raw materials, chemicals, or food items such as nuts or oils. When products are made for commercial or industrial use, bulk packaging is the preferred choice over individual-sized packaging.

Bulk packaging can help to save costs, reduce packaging waste to minimize environmental impact, improve operations efficiency, and increase convenience for businesses to streamline supply chains. As a result of these benefits, bulk packaging is often used in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and wholesale. They can include flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) for transporting granular materials, shrink-wrapped loads for transporting cases of packaging goods, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for containing liquids, or bulk cardboard boxes.