What is blind packaging?

Blind packaging: what it is and why brands use it

Blind packaging is a method used to conceal the identity of the original supplier of the goods. By masking the supplier's identity, products can be mailed directly to the customer by the manufacturer so that from the customer's perspective, it seems as if the product comes directly from the retailer.

Blind packaging can help brands maintain security in the supply chain as customers won't be able to have the contact information to order directly from the manufacturer, thereby bypassing the retailer. Additionally, brands can keep the upper hand as competitors will not be able to easily locate a brand's supplier, allowing them to maintain an advantage in delivery times, quality, and potentially even pricing.

Since blind packaging often requires a supplier to fulfill shipments for brands, blind packaging can allow businesses to be easily scalable. They will not have to hire staff to manage and fulfill orders as volumes increase. Additionally, as a hands-off approach, it streamlines operations and allows brands to save time and money as they can delegate warehousing tasks and ship inventory directly to suppliers.