Beauty Packaging

At PackMojo, we know that your product is a large part of your brand identity. For this reason, we work with you to create custom packaging that will make your beauty products stand out on the shelf. Browse sustainable options, custom printed boxes or boxes for gifts among others.

The Purpose of Custom Beauty Packaging

The beauty industry is known to be sensitive towards trends, fashions and aesthetics. Many beauty products are designed to help consumers feel beautiful, and their packaging is designed to reflect this. The right packaging can be crafted to make customers feel special, just like the products themselves do.

Packaging for beauty products can build trust in a company, as well as reflect the quality of the products inside. The way that a package looks is important because it conveys what kind of experience you will have with the product itself. If you buy something that looks cheap or "tacky", chances are your experience with the product will be cheap and tacky too. If you buy something that looks expensive and luxurious, then chances are your experience with it will be just as luxurious.

Beauty products are not particularly different from any other product when it comes to how they're packaged - the packaging should look nice and convey quality so that whoever interacts with it will trust the brand & product quality!

LUNAESCENT Magnetic Closure Box with Custom Box Insert

Where do you buy Packaging for Beauty Products?

You can find beauty packaging in a variety of places. We listed some popular options below:

  • Physical shops: If you're looking for a simple solution, it can be worth checking out your local stationery store. These stores will have a good range of unbranded options, perfect if your beauty brand is just starting out and you need a simple box.

  • Wholesale: For those who want to buy simple beauty packaging in bulk, wholesalers are an excellent option. They typically have a fixed set of packaging sizes that are produced in huge volumes, allowing you to get large quantities at fairly low costs.

  • Online shops: Online shops are great because they give brands access to a wide range of packaging products and customization options that are tailored to your brand. Whether you're looking for something custom printed or sized, online shops offer this flexibility. While it can be hard to know whether the size you're looking for is right for your products, many offer samples for you to check out.

SOAP BAR Custom Soap Dish Packaging

Beauty Packaging for Small Businesses

Investing in customized packaging can be an important strategy for small businesses operating in beauty and makeup. A well-designed package can be the difference between a customer buying a specific product and deciding to buy a different product. By giving customers a customized experience, they are more likely to trust the brand, and be drawn to the products. This is because they will feel like the company cares about quality, and therefore reflects this in the packaging as well. Ultimately, well designed packaging can enhance the appeal of your beauty products and drive more sales and ROI.

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PackMojo’s packaging is renewable, sustainable and recyclable as they're made from eco-friendly materials and inks.

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We work with a vetted network of suppliers in China to bring the best packaging for beauty brands at affordable rates.


Beauty box packaging can be highly customized: from thickness, designs and shapes, our beauty boxes can suit every business' needs.

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