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PackMojo Origin — Our Contemporary Solution to Packaging

What is PackMojo, why we exist, and how we're trying to change the world of packaging by empowering businesses.

Vincent Choi
PackMojo Origin — Our Contemporary Solution to Packaging

It was April 2018 and I have spent just over 12 months in the traditional yet ubiquitous industry of packaging and printing. It wasn’t always my intention to move into this space, but family legacies and a sense of duty are not always something one can shy away from. However, in the past year I had developed aspirations for ways to inject modernization and simplification to the industry.

Soon after, I caught up with Wendy in a convivial Korean Restaurant based in Quarry Bay (Bib & Hops is the name, for those looking for a recommendation). It had been 3 months since Wendy left her previous job, and she had yet to identify projects that truly aligned with her passion.

PackMojo custom boxes mockups

What made our new venture possible was due to the versatility of our partnership. Wendy and I come from distinctly different but complementary backgrounds. Wendy established a speciality across technology, consumer loyalty and marketing. Whereas my expertise lies with the packaging and printing space, including the operational, supply chain and relationship aspects of the industry. The yin-yang aspect of our strengths was an effective catalyst for our new idea, and after days of mulling over names that personify our identity, PackMojo was born.

So what is PackMojo? The short answer is custom packaging in low volume. The long answer is that we’re here to empower businesses with the tools to elevate their brand, tell their story, and create impactful first impressions.

And it all starts with packaging.

The idea isn’t to create a need or to inspire a new industry through technological innovation and advances. The idea is to address an existing need that many businesses already face, and to improve upon the current solution.

What we identified in the market was a lack of approachable, affordable and understandable options to address packaging needs.

“I need boxes for my products” is a demand heard around the world, but “how do I start?” shadows closely behind. Moreover, “how do I start?” is a mere beginning to an amalgamation of other queries, all interconnected and equally foreign to the average person unfamiliar with packaging.

Of course, this is a minor complication for large, well-funded corporations. However, for start-ups and other SMEs, this is a serious conundrum that siphons resources, time and other costs that could otherwise be spent elsewhere.

With PackMojo, we want to change all of that.

  • Want to start a subscription box service today? Use our platform to design and order your mailer box in minutes.
  • Pushing out a new line of products but unwilling to commit to large quantities just yet? Use our platform to order some packaging boxes in low volume.
  • Don’t know anything about packaging? We’ll guide you in the right direction.

We want PackMojo to be the one-stop-shop, hard-to-top go-to packaging solution for SMEs and entrepreneurs worldwide. We want to make first impressions for your product both an accessible and affordable fundamental.

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